"Morrissey 25: Live" (Official Trailer)

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By davidt on Jun 27, 2013 at 3:46 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2013 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jun 27, 2013.

    1. Skylarker
      I was on board until the losers with the tattoos came on...
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    2. 123xyz
      The throwaway line at the end made me laugh ... I like hearing Morrissey's occasional bursts of ostensible disdain for his audience
    3. VivaGil
      a little premature on the trailer? that website isn't even up
    4. Girlmostlikely
      I'm so psyched for this movie!! The trailer just made me that much more excited!

      I'm curious as to how this film will be received. Regardless, it seems that Morrissey will get exposure. I hope it's successful.:)

      I wonder if it will be shown in IMAX or 3D, I believe that was only reported my M's nephew on FB and not official. I'm not really sure if an IMAX Moz film is a good idea or not...but I sure couldn't resist a huge Morrissey reaching out to me:p
    5. celibate
      so the movie screen will be different from Morrissey 25 live release?

      kick between the poles hookey, I put it allready down

      'and they say he's mentall'
    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I, too, hope it does well there.
      My realistic side, however, feels it will come and go with a whisper.
      My general view of things like this has become more cynical with time.
      I first noticed the decline in interest of Moz stuff in the UK when all the 'recent' singles were easy to buy in record shops.
      That includes semi-naked ltd 7"s!
      I asked the manager of HMV (in England's second biggest city) how many units they bought in of Moz singles and was amazed to hear between 5 and 10 - which 'catered for demand'!
      I fear that besides die hards and group efforts to fill a cinema, there won't be too much fuss made over this release.
      It does feel a bit like an apology for skipped gigs.
      The dvd will sell a few thousand, but do little for the greater good.
      The leaked Hollywood Bowl seemed a better gig to put out too. At least the QID was an interesting way to open the gig.
      Perhaps its a bigger thing going on here? With the negativity that creeps in here at times, anon 'bitching' et al - if the fan base can't get on it's not surprising interest has waned (coupled with the lack of new music helping to catalyse it).
      Given I've chased the Smiths about since 14yrs old, hung outside recording studios, chased Moz etc in the way you do when you are captivated by your musical heroes, I can honestly say things just don't feel the same any more.
      Is this my age or perhaps just a fair observation of someone no longer at their zenith?
      Time will tell. I will go see the film if it gets a UK release and certainly own it, but I just can't find that excitement at the thought of a new release right now (an album? Well now you're talking!).
      Kind regards,
    7. Johnny Barleycorn
    8. Anonymous
      In UK, the film will be shown at Picturehouse cinemas - Likely to be a one off screening.
    9. mcrickson
      Sort of an unimpressive trailer, don't you think?
      I'm still looking forward to the release, though.
    10. Anonymous
      Pretty much my thoughts in a nutshell.

      Its an odd fanbase. My Morrissey chasing days are over. For a good 10 years I was an actively passionate Smiths / Moz fan. I think in the last few years some of his personal opinions have taken the shine of him (I'm no monarchist but his constant whining about Wills and Kate was just plain petulant) and the last time I saw him, a good few years ago, his voice and band just felt like they were going through the numbers. His last couple of albums have had maybe three or four good numbers between them for me but 'has his world changed or have I changed' to paraphase a much finer wordsmith.

      I'll always be grateful to Morrissey for the wonderful songs of past and when I see trailers like this on popping here every now and again (used to be daily) but it's pretty much over at this point in terms of renewed interest - and even if a new album came tomorrow, his direction just seems set in a way that alienates me (and I'm not a fan just thinking 'please release an early Smiths or Moz record mark II')
    11. Girl-Afraid
      Looking forward to this! Viva Morrissey!
    12. Stoned
      Would be nice to have a CD/DVD Set.....
      Cheers Moz
    13. Playcat2000
      I'm still excited about it.
    14. Anonymous
      I wonder if he is going to do his usual sales trick with this release ?

      The original DVD

      The limited edition DVD with bonus tracks

      The limited limited edition DVD with bonus bonus tracks and rare footage soundcheck

      Collectors edition DVD with fly on the wall camera footage, interactive back stage camera, re-evaluated songs, interview with 'Milky' Millwood (sound techi), sound check, badge, all in an eco friendly box .

      All the above also contain a free leaflet with all the latest range of Morrissey merchandise for you and your friends to BUY ! But hurry up its "Limited edition" stuff ya'll ! When its gone its gone so to avoid dissapointment PRE-ORDER now.

      Also there are 10 rare tokens in this lot (like Willie-Wonker choccie bars) The ten lucky fans who find them shall enjoy a guided tour of Morrissey world with Mr Morrissey as your guide. (Note the guided tour will culminate in the GIFT SHOP $$$£££)

      Could it be he is gonna release '25' different versions ? Should'nt he be doing something more important ? Never mind washing the pots how about writing some sing-songs. Talk about the pressure to change and move on. The saying "Money for old rope" springs to my mind.

      Benny the Butcher
    15. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      Yeah, I know what you mean...

      I get sick of that kind of thing.
    16. Playcat2000
      Who asked you?
    17. Mozza220559
      I could have knocked that trailer together in movie maker in 20 minutes and done a better job. I'm tired of this half arsed output of his nowadays.
    18. Anonymous
      Think of it as a gift.. many were not able to see this go around, the man is honestly a gift from god
    19. Anonymous
      Yes, that doesn't surprise me at all, Mozza220559, because there's always a group of halfwits on here who can play guitar better, write better arrangements, sing better, put a better band together, schedule a tour better, write better songs, make better videos.... yet, oddly, they don't; they just sit in front of their keyboard complaining and never actually ACHIEVE anything. And the rest of us are pretty tired of that half-assed input.

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