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By davidt on Feb 13, 2014 at 5:04 PM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    Morrissey US tour dates -
    13 February 2014

    Morrissey US tour dates

    May 7 San Jose CA City National Civic Auditorium
    May 10 Los Angeles CA Los Angeles Sports Arena
    May 13 El Paso TX Plaza Theater
    May 14 Albuquerque NM Sunshine Theater
    May 16 Salt Lake City UT Kingsbury Hall
    May 17 Denver CO Ellie Caulkins Opera House
    May 19 Lincoln NE Rococo Theatre
    May 20 Lawrence KS Liberty Hall
    May 22 Dallas TX Majestic Theatre
    May 24 Austin TX Austin Music Hall
    May 25 Beaumont TX Julie Rogers Theatre
    May 27 Memphis TN Orpheum Theatre
    May 28 Nashville TN Ryman Auditorium
    May 30 St Petersburg FL Mahaffey Theater
    May 31 Miami FL Knight Concert Hall
    June 4 Atlanta GA Cobb Energy Center
    June 6 Atlantic City NJ Revel Ovation Hall
    June 7 Boston MA Boston Opera House
    June 10 Baltimore MD Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
    June 13 Chicago IL Civic Opera House
    June 14 Flint MI James Whiting Auditorium
    June 16 Lewiston NY Artpark Main Stage Theater
    June 17 Wilmington DE Grand Opera House
    June 19 Hershey PA Hershey Theatre
    June 21 New York NY Barclays Center Arena


Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Feb 13, 2014.

    1. Anonymous
      Yeah, right. Let's the cancellations begin!!!
    2. darby1974
      Wow.. that was quick.. :)
    3. Anonymous
      Oh my God book those vacations and flights now the chosen one has arose

      Pre-sale password anyone ? Lets get our names on the list with Juliahhh

      Given his track record for singing cancel is my middle name dare you put your foot back in the water

    4. MozVegan9
      Im suppose to be planning and sving up for my wedding and honeymoon in April... good thing I have my secret Morrissey Funds ;) which means Chicago in June!

      Viva Moz!
    5. 21punksalute
      The only show that sold out immediately last time was the Orange Peel in Asheville. I know I'm likely to see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse sooner than Morrissey in NC but at least have the common courtesy to appease us.
    6. Girl-Afraid
      No UK again Moz :( I'm truly disappointed...
    7. Mozza220559
      Morrissey, stop being a big wet fanny and come tour the UK.
    8. MassMurder
      "... Posted at". There's no post about this on TTY
    9. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      There's almost always a NC gig - maybe he'll add more shows? Charlotte...Raleigh...

      Come on, Moz...
    10. Playcat2000
      Yes there is.
    11. Girl-Afraid
      I'm in 100% agreement, what's he playing at?
    12. SuedeMoz
      So, set list predictions anyone?
    13. MassMurder
      You're right. In the 'news' zone. Sorry.
      Last edited: Feb 13, 2014
    14. grant gauld
      grant gauld
      Aberdeen,aberdeen,Aberdeen awaits : )))
    15. Anonymous
      Kristeen Young has announced on facebook that she is appearing as support act on each of these gigs.

      Yes - you can pick your jaws off the floor - I know you are all REALLY surprised.
    16. Girl-Afraid
      London, come on Moz, I need to see your face again!
    17. Anonymous
      Good he never fails to bore and embarrass the British public playing the same old songs with his thrash/crash backing band like they're churning out budget smart price sausages.

    18. Anonymous
      I knew it would happen...someday he'd return to Miami.
    19. lemonsole
      Doesn't Morrissey usually do his tours in legs? Maybe a European tour is set for the second half of the year. Perhaps even post-album release.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Good luck with the planning. I planned my honeymoon last year to coincide with Morrissey in Mexico, D.F. in March. My new bride and I were on our way to the show, ticket in hand, when we were told of the cancellation. :straightface:

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