Morrissey 2014-05-28 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville TN


The If
As noted by docinwestchester, user mbodayle at DIME posted an audience recording of this show.

Lossless is available at

00 (intro)
01 How Soon Is Now
02 Speedway
03 Ganglord
04 I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
05 World Peace is None of Your Business
06 One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
07 Certain People I Know
08 Let Me Kiss You
09 Trouble Loves Me
10 Life Is a Pigsty
11 The Bullfighter Dies
12 Istanbul
13 Yes Im Blind
14 Earth Is the Loneliest Planet
15 Meat is Murder
16 The National Front Disco
17 Asleep
18 First of the Gang to Die

MP3 320 -
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Sounds wonderful! Thanks a lot, docinwestchester and MozRecording!!

Harsh Truth

Ever Felt Had?
This show was awesome. My favorite of the three I saw in 2014, and a top 5 overall. So sad that everything started to fall apart a mere days later.
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