Morrissey 2014-05-07 San Jose Civic 3 Source Matrix


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Tl;dr I think this is an upgrade you'll enjoy:

City National Civic Auditorium
San Jose, CA

This is a 3 source matrix from the following sources:

Source: Tascam DR-100 MKII (Internal Mics)
Lineage: USB Transfer to Mac > Audacity 2.0.2 (split tracks and export as .wav) > ImToo Audio Convert Pro 6.4 (convert to FLAC)
Recorded from section 215, seat 1.

Source: Sony PCM-M1 + Sony ECM-77b (x2)
Transfer: DAT Master --> Sony PCM-M1 --> Sony PCM-D100 --> Audacity --> FLAC 8
No EQ or normalization. Ran a high pass filter (less boomy) and created tracks/labels in Audacity.
Recorded from the floor, center stage about 20 yards back.
Length: 01:32:43

Source: Schoeps CCM4s > Tinybox > Sony PCM-M10 16/44
Mastering (BLG): Adobe Audition > Izotope Ozone 5 > WavePad > xACT > FLAC
Taper: Not Me
Total Time: 90:30

All mixing was done in Audacity 2.0.2. There are a number of missing sections, but all either occur between songs or during the encore break so no music is missing. I’ve not done much processing of the recordings other than fade the cuts in and out to make the effect less noticeable. Most fades occur over a timeframe of 5 seconds. For mixing, the sailnit and muchmusic sources were set to -4 dB and the blg source was set to -5 dB.

Thanks to !Viva Hate! at and mammaof3 at for their help with this release.

01 Intros
02 Hand In Glove
03 That's How People Grow Up
04 Ganglord
05 Speedway
06 I Have Forgiven Jesus
07 World Peace Is None Of Your Business
08 I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
09 Yes, I Am Blind
10 The Bullfighter Dies
11 Life Is A Pigsty
12 Everyday Is Like Sunday
13 Earth Is The Loneliest Planet
14 Trouble Loves Me
15 Meat Is Murder
16 Band Intros
17 First Of The Gang To Die
18 The Youngest Was The Most Loved
19 I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday
20 The National Front Disco
21 Asleep
22 One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
23 Outro

MP3 320:

Lossless should be up later this evening.

If you're interested in how the various sources combine to create a fuller sound, listen to this:

Enjoy, MR
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