Morrissey - 2006.05.01 Alexandra Palace, London, England


Back from the grave
In celebration of my return please enjoy this bootleg that one of my bootleg contacts was able to aquire. If you all see this "Moz God" out there be sure to thank him/her.

2006.05.01 Alexandra Palace, London, England
Size: 101 MB
Recording: Audience

Be sure to repost for those who are having issues obtaining.

Thanks & Enjoy,



Raincoated lover
Thanks a lot for this!!!

You don't happen to have any other boots from this tour that haven't been posted? I've been looking for the Blackburn (11/05) for a while now. If you have that - or, indeed, any others - then I'd be ever so grateful if you could upload them!


Same old suit since 1962
Thanks. Any source info? Is this taken from the DVD that was recently torrented? Good post.
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