Morrissey - 1992.09.22 - Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia MD, USA


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Im pretty sure this one has NEVER been posted on solo, since its one of the ones that I have been holding back for quite some time now. But in the spirit of keeping the whole Free-Trade of bootlegs going, I offer up this bootleg for your consideration.

Artist: Morrissey
Date: 1992.09.22
Location: Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia MD, USA
Size: 92.19 MB
Sound: Audience Recording




Back from the grave
my only request is to try and keep the free trade spirt going on this forum as long as possible.



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many thanks I really must get my list up and see if anythings is wanted until then viva moz G Mex here we come hope to see you all there but god knows how we will know one another !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A pox on all ye Englishmen for getting to see Morrissey yet another time...

Morrissey is treating America like the plague...

Thanks Boyracer for another of the seemingly scarce Your Arsenal shows...

Hopefully, a good Video will turn up someday

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Thanks for this!!! Having grown up two miles from Merriweather-in the city of Columbia- I have always regreted not being able to make this show. Until now I was not completely convinced Moz came around to Merriweather. I guess the myth is real....Thanks so much again.

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thanks :)


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You might be interested to find out that this is miscredited. It is from the following night in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia and Columbia (Washington) gigs are actually miscredited as one another on the internet.

So those of you happy to get this date because you attended will want the digital transfer credited on the internet as 'Philly'.

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