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Is it worth it purchasing this book? And, yes I know that it has a notoriously bad reputation.


from the Ice Age to the dole age
hey listen, relax. I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m just saying it looks very close to that photo.
Don’t know if Pettibon himself ever said it was based on that photo, do you know?

Anyway, until then, there’s simply no way to prove it.
best just to say it’s a coincidence for now.
yeah, you're just being daft now.


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I posted that Pettibon had confirmed it but I would not be providing the source because that would get picked apart too, she responded with the laugh and I took my post down because she trolls.
It's a fact, the photo is based on what Amy says it was, it's not a coincidence.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to just come here and have a discussion, exchange information, etc. It's impossible to look at those 2 things and not see they are the same, not sure why there's even a debate about it.
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