Morrissey’s lyrics have been the weakest thing about Morrissey’s music since 2004

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There are many Smiths songs with awful lyrics:

Death at ones elbow
Pretty girls make graves
Shakespeares sister
Some girls are bigger than others
Unhappy birthday
“Many” but you name five, one of which actually is pretty good imagine if The Smiths put out an album with at least 5 lyrically weak songs on it and you have the latter half of Morrissey’s career in summation.


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Based on all the clips so far, IANADOAC is shaping up to be a musically quirky and interesting album, perhaps his best since Quarry in that respect. But lyrically it might be his slightest work ever, since My Hurling Days is the only song so far with any lyrical depth. When you compare all the revealed snippets so far to the empathy and insights on Vauxhall & I, it's sad that he seems to have fallen so far as a lyric-writer, while as a singer he is at the peak of his powers.


'Black Cloud' was a particular low-point for us, especially when he INSISTED on flogging it to death in concerts. I almost dressed on the left fopr once
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Not true at all... The only weak lyrics Morrissey has ever recorded are that song he decided to sing with the singer of Green Day... all the other ones are great.

(he didn't write that song anyway... and only God -i.e, Morrissey- knows why he decided to sing that song).

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