Morrissey’s Defense Of Free Speech Underlines What Both Right And Left Get Wrong - The Federalist

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    Morrissey’s Defense Of Free Speech Underlines What Both Right And Left Get Wrong - The Federalist

    Morrissey has penned an eloquent attack on those who oppose free speech, but it has lessons for the defenders, too.


    "Former Smiths front man and international superstar solo artist Morrissey has found himself in progressives’ crosshairs again. This time, the controversial crooner has hit back in a new form. After being savaged as a racist xenophobe by the United Kingdom newspaper The Independent in what was supposed to be a concert review, Morrissey launched a new website with a brutal screed attacking both the outlet and British society in general.

    This is not the first time Morrissey has been attacked by the politically correct brigade. Last year he came under fire for suggesting that acts of Islamic terror are often committed by Muslims and that the U.K. government has been far too lax in confronting the problem. This year the issue seems to be that he has said nice things about Brexit and had the temerity to waive a Union Jack flag that a fan brought to his concert in London."

    The - by David Marcus.

    A long examination of the topic.

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    1. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Another rant in a right-wing rag that completely misses the point that, of course Morrissey has a right to his opinion, but that said right doesn't let him off the hook. People fail to realise that free speech doesn't mean 'you can say what you want without consequence'. If you say things like "the Chinese are a subspecies" or "Nigel Farage is a great liberal educator", there will be repercussions.

      Morrissey is allowed to have an opinion. Other people, in turn, are allowed to dismiss it, attack it, ridicule it, defend it, support it. It's called debate. Unfortunately, some people - Morrissey in particular - seem to think "being Morrissey" means "freedom from criticism".
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    2. Uncleskinny
      "Politically correct brigade".

      Fuck off, this is Breitbart arsery. When every right-wing shit from Tommy Robinson to the Federalist is defending you, you have either found your natural home, or you should be very. very worried indeed. In Morrissey's case, unfortunately, it is the former.

      I note how the author conveniently doesn't mention the attack on Sadiq Khan, "The gates are flooded", "You don't hear English", or Morrissey's surprise that we weren't all as interested as he was in the non election of a racist to the leadership of the moribund UKIP. That's his world. His cloistered, insular, petty world.

      What a disgrace of a defence this 'article' is.
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    3. Truth
      You should probably continue editing. You still seem to be the only one on a rant. The article doesn't say that people should be able to speak without consequence. It is calling for specific rules on what speech should be suppressed and why. They point out that Morrissey was called racist for displaying the British flag. That is an interpretation which was actually used against him unfairly, despite the fact that he did appear to be asking for it given the context of where and when he decided to do it.
      It's totally different than the comment about the Chinese being a subspecies which it is a completely different thing. One is an action which can be interpreted different ways but the British flag is not a de facto symbol of racism or nationalism. But it's difficult to imagine that he did not choose that word "subspecies" with the knowledge and intention that it would be controversial because it is so emphatically tied to the concept of race. Notice they do not mention that and neither did Morrissey in his rant.
      You can't argue against what they're saying. If anything you would have to argue against what they're avoiding saying. But it's actually a well written and intelligent article. You threaten "repercussions" but all you're really capable of is mischaracterizing something you seem to have misunderstood and hoping for the best. This type of thing really isn't your area. You should probably go take some selfies and mark a bunch of my posts as "troll" because that's really your intellectual level. It's laughable to imagine anyone considering your response to this article, or anything at all really, seriously.
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    4. Anonymous
      Very good article.:thumb:
      F Sadiq Khan. :thumb:
      Moz fighting against fascism and in for free speech. Of course.
      Result: top album burning the charts and string of sell outs:rock:.
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    5. Anonymous
      I hate the federalist almost as much as the daily caller
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    6. Thewlis
      The author also doesn't mention the attacks on Margaret Thatcher, the Royal Family, Theresa May or Donald Trump.
      Neither does Thickskinny. But that's his cloistered, insular, petty world...
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    7. Anonymous
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    8. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Oh joy! Twice banned former member now posting as Truth / Dr Phil / Judge Judy / Advice Animals / whatever stupid anonymous guest user name she feels like taking today est arrivé! Like fucking clockwork.

      The irony of you whinging to davidt about how unfair your banning was and how you tend to avoid the people you don’t like and how harassed you poor dear are by said people is, of course, completely lost on you. Of course, the irony of you "diagnosing" others with having unhealthy fixations is lost on you, too. How about YOU get some giant dildo and write “twelve inches” on it and stick it up your mangina.
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    9. vegan.cro spirit #065
      vegan.cro spirit #065
      Congratulations on a well reasoned response. Im still
      recovering from the shock of learning about
      'dodgy Islamism'.
      Very violence prone
      these sympathizers, the snap
      quite easily, promising dildo
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    10. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Oh look, "Truth" has a fwiend! The vegan.cro.spirit troll!

      Birds of a feather etc.
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    11. g23
      Right or wrong, what Morrissey fails to realize, is that 98% of the people who listen to his music could give less than half a shit about anything he says outside of the context of song and that it would benefit him to just do his job, for lack of a better way to put it. I mean, he could put on his pompous authority shirt and go on a Henry Rollins tour, but it would be kind of like farting in the car with the windows up and savoring it.
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    12. Anonymous
      I don’t think that’s true from looking around the web. Sure a large portion don’t or don’t like what he has to say about some issues, they do like his anti trump pro animals rights stuff for example, but a large portion I think also find themselves more in the middle. I will also say that among the majority of people who don’t how statements it doesn’t seem like they care enough to say stop buying the singles or going to shows so why not say what’s on his mind. Morrisseys never gonna be solely an entertainer looking to please people even his fans and personally I think that’s better than the alternative. Makes the parts I do like seem even more sincere and passionate as I’m not left wondering, is this just left wing pandering
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    13. ACTON
      The saddest thing about all this is that people rarely talk about Morrissey's music anymore and instead talk about his political views. The same old S.O.S. but with brand new broken fortunes.
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    14. Anonymous
      "acts of Islamic terror are often committed by Muslims"....who else commits acts of Islamic terror?
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    15. Anonymous
      This is true but it’s a very polarized time. Even the music reviews are more interested in talking about political views
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    16. Anonymous
      Now Skins, stop admiring your kids (brainworned) and start hearing your proud Yorkie ancestors lol and do stop listening to the news, it’s not doing you any good lol. When you stop hating an Icon I’ll know you have found a life. Allahaha. You haven’t left Yorkbore so don’t tell me about the bus drivers son, he’s ruined my City.
    17. g23
      Left wing, right wing, who cares? Who cares? His music is better than his interviews anyway. Always has been. A truly smart man knows to shut up about religion and politics when it comes time to go to work.
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    18. Anonymous
      Apparently a lot of people care. I guess that's also the point, morrissey doesn't see what he does entirely as work which is a good thing
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    19. evennow
      I think it has a lot to do with aging. As I am very close to his age there is a lot less introspection of youthful concerns and more focus on things happening outside of one's self. Not to comment on his religious or political views because honestly I have no idea what he is trying to convey these days, but it is clearly more important to him now. Nearing retirement with less and less left in the well of introspection to pull from we are left with this. I, like you, am here for the music, but talk to anyone over 50 and they will be too happy to remind you of "the good ole' days." Myself included.
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