"Morning Starship" unofficial video by alexandmira on Morrissey Central


one of my favourite diana dors films,yeild to the night.loosely based on ruth ellis the last woman hanged in Britain.
movie mistake=if you watch the opening of this film she shoots the woman seven times from a gun that only holds six bullets.
her funniest moment on film has to be the start of one of the two Steptoe an son films where she tries to have it off with Harold with her dead husband in the next bed,hilarious.


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With all due respect, I am not a fan of the usual audio/old b&w movie mashups....I would rather see someone actually record an original, current take on the music...could be a good film project opportunity....if only I had the time.......

Hovis Lesley

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I’ve listened to this, several times. And, at the risk of being pigeonholed as ‘redundant’, I would like to express that I feel it is brilliant. His best cover since ... Floorboards.
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