"Morning Starship" single (Jobriath cover) - Messages from Morrissey ~ available 20th March 2019


Morning Starship.

March 20, 2019

Morrissey's single Morning Starship is available tomorrow - Wednesday 20 March, on iTunes and Spotify. It is a cover version of the song written and released by Jobriath in 1974. It is also the first track on Morrissey's California Son album, released on 24 May.



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To my ears, this is certainly a big improvement over the original which is pretty much all you can ask for from any cover.
M's voice is certainly weaponized on this record, front and center, as if there were still any doubt now as to the gravitas of his great singing....looking forward to this album now in a way that I haven't in years...hoping "Wedding Bell Blues" will be the show stopper...
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Looks like the the full band made it to this recording .
Edward Droste is the singer from Grizzly Bear on backing vocals.
With all the frustrations of being a Morrissey fan in recent years on the one hand, and the general meaninglessness of "singles" in the digital era on the other, I'm relieved that buying the first single from a new Morrissey album still retains all the excitement it ever has for me. I'm not sure why, as I haven't liked his new music enough to buy a new Morrissey album in years. But there's something special about the "first new single". :)
It's absolutely brilliant, Morrissey is singing in a magnificent way, boy does he take care of his voice.
The band , the production, the slight change of lyrics , Jobriath would be so satisfied with this stunning version.
Hottest song to cover in the entire universe, out of all possible hottness. With matching hottness-level hottest-ever cover. So much hottness ...

Which also happens to be exactly the right amount of HOTT HOTT HOTT!
Everything about this song sounds really good, voice is strong, band tight and thumping B side is first class. Can’t work out if Moz finally gets laid or not. It would be a shame if he did...
'Official' promotion on Twitter (same on FB).

Sounds great! Really happy with this! I’m actually looking forward to this album.
Sounds good to me, but for me new Morrissey is always a good thing. Even his worst songs are still quite better than most songs on any radio station that you can't curate yourself. I am definitely looking forward to this LP.

ANOTHER MOZ SMASH!!:screamcat:
long time before album release - we will have heard 90% via singles..
california son info

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