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By Anonymous on Jan 30, 2017 at 9:44 AM
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    1. Anonymous

      WPINOYB is more poignant than ever.
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    2. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      the clown has been crowned and now all we can do is just sit back and wait for the coming apocalypse. or ? .....
    3. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Sam has a bright future ahead of him. At Starbucks.
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    4. Anonymous
      It's gonna be a terrible four years. Looking back on the election has been pretty painful as well. So much bickering among the left. Conservatives of varying degree came together around there candidate even when they had reservations or didn't think him a perfect candidate while it didn't seem like many on the left could manage to vote for anyone who didn't think exactly like them. Bernie running against Clinton to the last even when he didn't have a chance sowing a lot of bitterness when he should have stopped and started supporting her much earlier was an example of people who I believe were a bit spoiled. People like killer mike telling voters after Bernie lost to not vote if they didn't want to. It seemed like a lot of people on the left side of things either thought trump couldn't win or wouldn't be as extreme as when he campaigned and so decided to bicker amongst themselves instead of being adults and looking at the bigger picture. Even here I saw more conversation and arguing about how terrible Clinton was than any discussion on trump. Now here we are with a Supreme Court pick about to be announced and women's health for the poor about to be defunded the environment destroyed further and civil liberties rolled back. What's really scary to me was when the courts placed a hold on his executive action and federal agents did not comply. That's a first step to serious trouble
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    5. countthree
      Or... think why so many people didn't see it coming. Why did so many people live in a bubble? I'm stunned not for Mr T, I'm stunned by the surprise. The road taken some time ago was the road who would take the world to this destiny, one way or another. Let's hope it will be a transition as peaceful as possible. This world began some time ago. Too many people distracted building mansions.
      Thinkers didn't think.
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    6. g23
      Sam does the best photoshops. Everybody says so. Huge skills, seriously big league. Sad that there are so many haters and loosers on Morrissey-solo that can't see it! SAD!
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    7. countthree
      You are delusional. Judas Cl? The "former" very good friend of Mr T? The one whose husband's campaign was financed by Mr T? They are so close their daughters are friends. Her nomination was the last nail in the coffin. That was the moment for tears, because we knew no changes for the world would happen.
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    8. AztecCamera
      Reckon ever notice how tame Uncle Steve's portrayal of Trump is very tame compared to how he portrays the Hillbilly "royal family". The way he makes that old lady president of England in his stage backdrop look is funny and very degrading. I thought the "royal family" is supposed to be treated with respect by all their loyal subjects in "the uk". Why do you people from Britain spend so much time on this board when Morrissey hates you so much?
    9. Anonymous
      But her loss did mean change for the world. A lot of change for the worse. As for the financed by bit, that's just stupid vague insinuation of nothing that's gonna lead to a long vague conversation that results in nothing and I think is a typical troll tactic. Unless you have some specific point and can manage to verbalized it I think you're just trivializing a serious situation and people's suffering. His campaign was financed some by me and a bunch of other people large and small
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    10. Anonymous
    11. countthree
      People suffer a lot. Not only since T won. Mostly in places very far from there. Her loss means nothing for some parts of the world, and others hope some very bad things change. I think this is a process that will end badly for all of us common people of the world no matter who won that election.

      A country is not ruled by a single person. What this person represents always was there ready to jump in your face.

      Do you actually think I don't know what is people's suffering? Or is it that some people's suffering worths more than other?

      T said he financed C campaign because he was asked and he paid his quota. Like the mob, you know. It's in his speechs all over the internet.

      Am I a troll because I say what I think? Excuse me if I don't buy fake-one-eyed liberalism. I spent my chilhood in a country ruled by a foreign backed dictatorship.
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    12. gordyboy9
      most politicians will promise new policies when they gain power and once they get in they backtrack on their policies,at least he is doing the things he said he would do.not a fan of trump but he was elected by democracy and he should be allowed to get on with the job in hand.
    13. countthree
      He is a nice person, at least it seems he tries to be one.
      People, read The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann, that end will be our end.
    14. manicboy
      THAT should be the cover of the WPINOYB reissue. How's that coming by the way?
    15. ACTON
      We need Johnny Smith from The Dead Zone to take him out. In fairness it didn't take a clairvoyant to see all this coming. The walking dead who voted him into power deserve to live in post apocalyptic Mad Max territory tied to the front of speeding cars. Everyone else? Find a basement or a sturdy school desk to hide under.
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    16. ACTON
      I don't think the planet has enough time left to read a book. I might Wikipedia a summary of it. At least Stephen King finished his Dark Tower series before Trumpet manages to jab his fat fish smelling finger on the big red button.
    17. Anonymous
      None of that means what's he's doing is for the betterment of people though. A congress and president could get elected on the promise of returning to forced segregation and I don't think my attitude would be oh a passive oh well I'll guess I'll just let him get on with it. Doesn't make the damage any less and sometimes these actions can tip into longer lasting problems. Not enforcing the court order is a troubling precedent for federal agents. There's also plenty of ways to criticize and influence government that doesn't involve an election and just because someone is elected doesn't mean people should be passive to what there doing in office or let do it so terribly. The travel ban was a rushed out order that hit a lot of people in government by surprise and left people with no idea about enforcement and how to prepare to lessen the chaos or for green card holders to even make sure they were home. Doesn't even seem like they thought out its effect on the current fight with isis in Iraq. No election means that people should be passive about what they think is right or to not speak out or act out against what they think is wrong. People should just do so within the law which is what we're seeing
    18. Anonymous
      You're a troll because you say a lot of vague comments that allude to nothing prompting people to waste a lot of time in a discussion that goes nowhere like this explanation here. You make a statement including a claim I didn't make and we waste time with me refuting something I didn't say. pointing out the connection of someone being asked to donate to presidential campaign as quota filling conspiracies that you have no info on is another example. I think you do this on purpose and are so labeled a troll by me as well as others I believe. Clintons loss will create more suffering for people and the amateurish way he's gonna govern and defend his actions will create chaos and set scary presidents of authoritarian tactics that could reverberate for a long time. It's a serious topic that deserves serious consideration and thoughtfulness. I think you a troll as you have nothing to say about trump or his actions while claiming to be a person supporting the suffering people all over this board and I find it not very funny or worse an underhanded attempt to support trump and people like him. All we need is for the conversation to move into the topic of privacy and I'll be a hundred percent sure you're a troll
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    19. Anonymous

      What he said is dead on. No one is asking how we got here. Go to rural US McDonalds in the red states and you will know. Fat, rednecks, sexual predators, hunters, on welfare. Just wait until he picks apart entitlements, the red states will go crazy then.

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