Morrissey Central "MORE-ISSEY" - more U.K. dates announced this week (July 11, 2022)


“We’re sorry! There was a mistake with the price of the face value of the ticket...

We’ve noticed that £57.00 was listed as the face value on the ticket and this is what you were charged - it should have been listed as £75.00 on the ticket.

We’ve rebooked your tickets but please rest assured that you have not been charged any extra.”

Les Tameside

Not one date has sold out yet! 😂😂😂😂
On the technical level you’re talking about (tickets available if you pay thro’ the nose for them), he’s never sold-out a gig. Nor has Paul McCartney.


Thanks for that information. Indeed he is still a very good player. It is my belief that it is much harder to forge a successful solo career as a guitarist than a vocalist, as vocals (at times annoyingly - being a guitarist myself) almost always are the main part of an act, somewhat explaining why Morrissey's solo career has been infinitely more successful than Marr's. I also believe Moz is a better lyricist and singer than Marr is a composer and guitarist.
True. Not just the last sentence.

Its ALL about the voice and stage presence of the vocalist. Nothing else matters....the voice and being able to sing in tune obviously.......

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