Montreal, QC - MTELUS (Apr. 29, 2019) post-show

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By davidt on Apr 30, 2019 at 1:00 AM
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    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.


    Suedehead / Is It Really So Strange? / Alma Matters / Hairdresser On Fire / I Wish You Lonely / How Soon Is Now? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Girl Afraid / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Morning Starship / If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Back On The Chain Gang / The Bullfighter Dies / Life Is A Pigsty / Jack The Ripper / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / What She Said // First Of The Gang To Die

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Discussion in 'Tour' started by davidt, Apr 30, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      A cunt or a knobhead? :popcorn:

      Personally I favour "knobhead", because 'nazi knobhead' has a nice ring to it. "Naznob". Could be a mob name. "Noddy Naznob's dumb adventures abroad". I feel a children's book coming.
      Germaine Greer, for instance, would disagree, as she prefers the other word, but she sounds like a bit of a cunt herself. Like, one who doesn't report her own rape.

      If I wanted to ask a question about that in the style of Noddy, I totally could. Shall I? Okay, here goes: "Was the rapist Caucasian?"

      See folks? It's dead easy to ask uncomfortable questions. There's really nothing to it. And it's not a bad thing per se. The thing is, people ask questions and question things with different motivations in mind. It's not always the Noble Quest for Truth that prompts peepl. :(

      To understand why a woman casually dismisses her own rape like Germaine does, I try to determine why she doesn't see it as serious. I surmise that it must have had an element of familiarity to it for her not to see it as an unbearable alien aggression. Therefore, as she is white and Australian, my theory is that he was a white Australian male, possibly already present in her environment, and not an aboriginal man with a wooden leg.
      My question might first sound as if I'm trying to establish whether she's racist, but it's not my main motivation. It could be a secondary one if I gave a flying [email protected] about Germaine, but I don't. My motivation was to understand why a supposed feminist wouldn't report a rape.

      Now. What could possibly be the motivations of a youtuber apparently making videos about the Holocaust? Well, I don't know, but I have no interest in finding out. That's because a) I already know all I need to know about the Holocaust and also (and here it's useful to rely on past experience), b) he looks like a total wanker who makes youtube videos in his grandma's basement (it's getting crowded down there). Never a promising sign.

      Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of time for timewasters. I still watch Russell from time to time. Recently he's taken to making these absolutely pointless short vids: he asks a big question and doesn't answer it at all. What a tease. I saw one in which he said the solution to narcissism, well, could it be love? He took an absolute beating in the comments, people couldn't believe that he didn't know what Narcissistic Personality Disorder was. After all, he interviewed a living one, sat on a sofa right next to it, even. But of course Russ doesn't read the feedback on his vids, he's not here to learn, he's here to say look at me! and as long as he keeps his looks, I don't mind. I'm happy to watch him for a whole hour trying to fathom why he's rude to a woman he invited to talk about spirits and stuff when he's perfectly civil to a Dutch bloke who talks nonsense about how cold showers will make you live longer. Why was that Russ? Mmm? Why you rude to the little lady? Mmm?

      So yeah, you can waste my time if you're sexy. But that guy there? He actually looks like one of my ex-housemates. Who looked far too silly, and took himself far too seriously. A deadly combination that prevents anyone from ever wanting to get to know you, I find. And who does he think he is to not wear a shirt? Come back when you've grown Russell's nipples, you twat!

      So. Is this what this is about? Has Morrissey found the new Russell Brand, only, one more suited to expressing his own views?

      Wow, hats off. Dead ringer. :lbf:

      See, we do get Morrissey's sense of humour. It's all a joke. He is a joke. (Still trying to get the For Britain gag though. Guess I didn't live in England long enough to get that one, eh...)

      So, stay sensitive and open, but trust your instincts. You don't have to pay attention to anything Morrissey mentions if your gut says it would be pointless or even wrong to. Also: you know what you know. If you don't, you're like a young person living in China who's never heard of Tian an men, because it's forbidden to talk about it, and who learns about it from foreigners.

      I guess Morrissey's problem (apart from the obvious other ones) is that he's lived a very sheltered life. Looks like he's always lived miles from a front line.

      He's never seen hundreds of muslims. Of course he's going to bitch about them all. He's never had Syrian men living next door. Of course he's going to conveniently mention a teen murdered by one (even though she was clearly of subspecies origin...). His family didn't have to live with nazi soldiers (literally). Of course he would find that fascinating...(newsflash: apparently, it's not all it's cracked up to be.)

      Well. We all have a different history.

      I can't help feeling that Morrissey is just trying to make his life more exciting than it actually is. Create a little chaos where there's absolutely none. That's the fate of a sheltered star. If you're an ordinary person who knows what the real world is, you don't watch videos in which guys born yesterday explain how it all works. You don't argue for hours on the net with a person you've never seen. That's not what real people do.

      Especially as the real planet out there is dying, and the way of life most of us here enjoy is about to end.

      Oh, and...As for the yes-men saying anything, nairng, well, all they're likely to say is "Maz, the mini bar is empty." :thumb:

      We all live very different lives.
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    2. gonzax
      No prob, at least there was something.
    3. NealCassidy
    4. NealCassidy
    5. ForgivemeJESUS
      No is complaining about the balance you just pointed out....its the choice of songs, which are good, but they haven't changed the foundation of the playlist in years now, Besides a new one here or a different one there it's the same....although I will admit Toronto #2 was really starting to improve and then Montreal let down.... I really feel things will change drastically once lp is released. Which for the fall usa dates will be great and blessing in disguise for the Canada rescheduled shows..
    6. Flibberty
      Nah, I think that's a bit of an exaggeration to say the least.

      I mean, a quick check of the London shows last year shows the likes of Playboys, November, I Started Something I Couldn't Finish, You'll Be Gone, When You Open Your Legs, Home is a Question Mark, I Bury the Living etc. all being played. There have been huge changes.

      Obviously some songs like Suedehead and How Soon Is Now have been performed an awful lot, but there have been far more changes than "a new one here or a different one there"...
    7. ForgivemeJESUS
      Really ,go back and look at jack the ripper, speedway, sunday,bullfighter,obvious everyone favorite how soon is now uuuuugggghhhh,if you dont like me,munich,world peace,chain gang,should I go on
    8. ForgivemeJESUS
      How soon is now and EDILS are begging to complaining, moz is the greatest, it's just me dreaming of a show of songs rarely played....well I wonder,unhappy bday,its over,blue dreamers eyes,not your country, lifeguard(both),etc....I'm sure you get my drift.....
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    9. Anonymous
      You lost me at 'Personally'
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    10. Flibberty
      Yes, I specifically said that some songs have been played a lot...

      But there have also been big changes to the set over the past couple of years. For example, I believe that 8 or 9 of the current set were regularly played in 2017...which means that 12 or 13 songs from each show have been rarer additions. Compared to a lot of legacy performers, that is very good.

      And while I agree with you that we all have our personal favourites that we'd like to hear, many of Morrissey's contemporaries don't play anywhere near as many old album tracks or rarities. With the exception of the Kill Uncle period, every other era has been well-covered in his shows over the years.
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    11. Anonymous
      Has anyone been keeping track of intermission songs for these last three dates?
    12. Sarcasmos
      You can add Alma Matters and The Bullfighter Dies to that list of songs begging to be retired
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    13. Anonymous
      I can't believe not a sole got a full clip of the first time he has ever played "Girl Afraid" solo.

      Those stupid poutine eating, French speaking, chain cigarette smoking, Carey Price loving.... frogs! Lol
    14. rivum
      yes, I like alma matters but enough already.
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    15. Anonymous
      'Sole'? Are you a foreigner? You should have learnt English before you crossed the border illegally
    16. ForgivemeJESUS
      To busy recording how soon is now,and sunday
    17. gonzax
      Well, everyone's entitled to record whatever the hell they like, of course, but a video of "Girl Afraid" would have been a million times more interesting considering there is a thousand recordings or HSIN or EISLS out there and not a single one of Girl Afraid.

      He played it again last night so hopefully someone got it right this time.
    18. ForgivemeJESUS
      Well I was being sarcastic on my remarks, because u keep up with what video have been posted and HSIN is by far posted more than any other with EDILS a close second.
    19. gonzax
      Ah ok, my bad, I didn't get the sarcasm haha though it was quite clear, truth be told so totally my fault.
      And yeah, you're absolutely right, it's the same songs every time. Speaking of which, a clip of Girl Afraid from yesterday has just appeared:

      now maybe The more you ignore me will make an appearance too, I'd like to see that one, it's been a while since he's played it live.
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