Monorail Music refuses to stock Morrissey's new album (January 13, 2020)

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What I want to know is how the original poster here has heard the album to be able to declare it's his 'best since Viva Hate'. That wouldn't be the sound of made up arse-rinse now, would it?

You always state you dont read anonymous posts.
And how do you know they are the same poster (if they are anonymous)?
Right. It's their business, they can do what the f*** they want. If you want to buy the Morrissey record, get it somewhere else, but there's not a damn thing you can do about Monorail's decision, so shut up.

On Monorail themselves, I've been there many times - the records, the food, (100% veggie) the beer - all top-notch, and they're a great bunch of people, and they are exercising their free will and speech. You know, that thing Morrissey likes so much. But he'd never ask you to boycott somewhere or stop buying something would he? Unless there was a very good reason. Like him not getting money.


yeah you ve been to monorail as many times as youve been to 'miami':lbf:
in your insane membrane.:crazy:
Free publicity that a new album is on its way. Thanks for the free advertising!
Another Music Store Is Banning Sale of Morrissey Albums

Monorail Music, based in Glasgow, won't be selling Morrissey's new album 'I Am Not a Dog on a Chain', due to the singer's bigotry. They claim others are as well, which is great news. Funding racists is just as despicable as being one yourself. f*** racism and f*** Morrissey.

What a twat you are. The owner of that record shop is an attention seeking moron. Sickens me how everyone these days is expected to be politically correct and afraid to speak their minds. Awww, poor little baby, did that mischievous Mowwissey say something you didn't like? Awwww.
If there's folks in Glasgow who don't have access to a computer, this is gonna make it mighty tough on'em.
These non computer folks are gonna have to do one of two things to purchase Moz's new record.
1. Have a family member or friend purchase it for them via the computer.
2. Go to the library and purchase it via the library's computer.
Or 3. Go to the library and get it for free.
Pathetic and a desperate plea for publicity. Snow flake WOKE record stores can f*** off.
Monorail are basically saying they have chosen for you. What about all the shit artists (white, black, multicolored) with their sexually explicit 'music' that calls for violence. Will that shite be banned too? Of course not.
Stephen King was crucified online for saying the nominations for the Oscars should be based on quality and not diversity. Cue all those c*** whingebags whose reason for existence is to be outraged.
So every little tin-pot record shop around the land that decides not to stock the new album becomes front page news. Can I request not? Thanks.
The message to all artists and to everyone else is clear - criticism of multiculturalism is verboten.

Somali mothers are taking their children back to Somalia because it is safer than inner city London. No one will admit that multiculturalism is an experiment that has totally failed. Except for Moz of course! One artist has the guts.
So who are these ‘many of are colleagues’ that won’t be stocking his record?

Fake news if you ask me.

They don't exist. They were ordinary women & men, falsely labelled & accused & murdered by public hysteria & the state.

You're supporting violent persecution.
Only against you Karen. Only against you.

Monofail aren't stocking Morrissey, like MANY of their collegues? I presume that's Spillers then.
Tower records are, CD 14.99 euros, vinyl 24.99 euro, plus it's on order in my local record shop so I'm good.
This is bullshit, but if they honestly felt compelled to not carry the record then why did they need to tweet about it? It's just another opportunity for a business to virtue signal and get likes.
I always find it funny when these no name record stores feel the need to announce that they're not selling Morrissey's albums thinking it'll improve business but all it'll get them is a few likes on twitter and free publicity for Morrissey's new album
I didn't hear until now this store monorail.I think they do this to publicity their store.That's why many of us know now this store.I never knew them,so now they are more famous.:lbf:
I don't think it's all about racism, although it's part of it. It's just about hating Morrissey. It's very troubling and is still snowballing. Look at all the likes this tweet got. It is feeding into Morrissey's persecution complex - is that what he wants??

Yeah, I agree. It's been an excuse for a feeding frenzy.

People have been homophobic, transphobic, have attacked his age, weight, looks, IQ, have accused him of hanging out with skinheads, of being like Screwdriver, of being a rape apologist, a sexist, a child molester, a twat, a dickhead, of his fans stopping the young from prospering; attacked his writing, singing, clothes, hair, merch, his attitude to money, as well as the standard calling him a racist, fascist, Nazi (he's the son of immigrants from a country England oppressed for 800 years & I know a couple of Scottish hacks who have always hated him for supporting the IRA & several Scottish Catholics who now hate him for making them look bad - so sectarianism is mixed up in it as per usual in Scotland).

He never properly backs down but he never goes out lobbying for support. I think that's why I find it so ugly. I've always thought his antagonism, like his comedy, was just a defense mechanism & it probably kept him working instead of giving in to depression.

I think he does subconsciously invite it. Doesn't mean he should get it. It's not civilised.

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