Mojo (Oct. 2012) cover features The Smiths

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    October edition of Mojo magazine features The Smiths on the cover:


    FREE CD! THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT: A compendium of indie classics, 1982-1987, featuring Felt, The La’s The Go-Betweens, Billy Bragg, Martin Stephenson and The Daintees, The Nightingales, The Weather Prophets, Television Personalities & more.

    THE SMITHS: It’s a tale that’s been told before, but in this extract from his forthcoming biography of the Manchester four-piece Tony Fletcher reveals new details and brings new depths to the story of Morrissey, Marr, Rourke Joyce and the birth of a band. Plus Johnny Marr reveals details of his first solo album and Morrissey brings the noise back to Manchester.


    and blog:

    The Smiths On Film, 1983 - 1985
    In the new issue of MOJO (on sale in the UK on Tuesday), we celebrate the birth of one of Britain's greatest bands, The Smiths. To accompany our mammoth cover feature, we've put together a video playlist that charts the rise and rise of Morrissey, Marr, Rourke and Joyce. We begin in Manchester. It's 1983...

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    1. Amy
      By that logic, puppets like Justin Bieber and One Direction are all right up there with Moz, absolutely equal in artistic and intellectual value. Except they're not, are they? Just like Morrissey's latest offerings aren't equal to anything that went before them unless you became a fan in the last 3 years or you've never heard him write anything better. The subjectivity argument has truth in it - but to use it in justifying a decline so obvious that it barely merits discussion is just scraping the barrel, making excuses, like the people who say "It doesn't matter if his new stuff is shit because he wrote great songs in 1986". It's the voice of fans who have given up expecting any better from Moz, and so they're content to keep changing the goalposts and saying "X is good *in relation to the grand scheme of his career*" and other such euphemistic rubbish. How anyone could think that dross like "People are the Same Everywhere" isn't Morrissey at his lowest, lowest ebb, as far away from "Now My Heart is Full" as can be, just baffles me. It's possible... but it's mind-boggling.
    2. Anonymous
      Another year, another Smiths magazine cover. It's really Smiths stuffed! They really big up that new book, so there goes poor old Johnny Rogan overshadowed when he's trying to ply his wares. Could even be the definitive Smiths book? Would scan but would take too long, too many pages!
    3. Velvis
      It's good to have your mind boggled once in a while I always think. You've introduced the word intellectual here but I honestly don't think art has to be particularly intellectual, art can be emotional too so I guess that Justin Bieber could claim to be an artist and Justin Bieber's fans could argue that his artistic offerings are superior to Moz. Amy, you know I'm biting the Devil's Avacado here but it's an interesting argument don't you think?

      Seriously I happen to think People Are The Same Everywhere is quite funny and I have found myself humming it without realising so it must be quite catchy (and a bit annoying, yes, but wasn't First Of The Gang a bit annoying too?) I should qualify this by openly admitting that I am a dyed in the wool pop music fan.

      There's an aricle in Mojo next month, say 'Great! I can't wait.' Don't say 'Oh shit how depressing.'

      PS, after thought>
      YOR was badly reviewed here initially but I think it is generally increasing in reputation. Rightly so in my opinion, it's a cracking album. It's another reason not to judge things too quickly, let's be positive, hey, the next album could be a classic, he may be keeping all the good songs back until he get's a proper recording deal! (Smiley Ironic Face Icon)
    4. Bradder68
      Whilst initially sceptical about another Mojo cover I had good read of this in W H Smith yesterday and I think it's a decent article - yes a lot of the stuff has already appeared elsewhere but there seems new little bits thrown in that will be of interest to Smiths followers
      In the article there is a picture of Johnny that I have not seen before and also of one of Morrissey and Marr
      The review of the new book later in the magazine also hints that letters Morrissey sent to Simon Topping from A Certain Ratio (ask your dad kids) are referenced
      The main find for me however was going onto the Mojo website where there have link to number of early live appearances including one from Brixton Ace 1983 that I have never seen before - great to see nearly 30 years later and shows power of the band
      Hopefully here is link
      Was it a Q-Classic rather than a Mojo-Classic?


      Haven't got it myself but looks like a good copy :)
    6. Amy
      Just read the MOJO special, it's mostly old ground with a couple of nice pictures thrown in. Two-page spread for Johnny's solo album but it doesn't reveal much - interviewer asks if he misses the closeness he shared with Moz and he says, "No, because the closeness came through the music and I can get that in my own music". :rolleyes: Sure you can, Johnny, sure.

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