MOJO Collector's Series 'The Smiths' new magazine out now

Spotted a stack of these in my local Tesco today.


Description / online purchase:

MOJO The Collectors’ Series: The Smiths – Hand In Glove 1982-1987
MOJO’s finest writing on The Smiths in a single deluxe volume.
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Suede started Britpop and quickly and quite rightly disassociated themselves from it from the early days. I do think three other good groups sprang from Britpop: Elastica, Echobelly and Pulp (to a certain extent). Of course Elastica lasted a wet week. Echobelly are excellent, even still to this day.

Since Britpop not many great groups have emerged from Britain and I'm embarrased to say I can't think of any. Perhaps Richard Hawley.

We must be around the same age, and I'm a huge Suede fan, Acton. I see your point and can't disagree much, but...there ARE great artists in the last 20 years. Doves - all their albums are great. Maximo Park's fist few records are superb. Alex Turner has grown into a great songwriter. Just to name a few,


Honestly, The Cure should be on there before even considering putting The Jam on the list, in regards to influence or a greater impact.

I honestly haven't ever read one interview by any band or artist that have cited the Cure as an influence.


The Jam above The Smiths, The Who & even The Clash? :unsure:

The Who and The Clash reached more people and in turn influenced other artists in America.

I think Morrissey’s talents and Marr’s style may have had a wider influence even indirectly on music that came right after and up to this day.

Well tbf The Jam influenced the Smiths/Morrissey.

btw I love all the acts on my the list but Weller and Morrissey (inc their respective bands) are my favourites, but i can see the one's i listed above them probably have had a bigger influence.

Gregor Samsa

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Why? Did I diss DM? I agree with you, because in part of their popularity, surely they had an influence on synth bands that came after. But I’d rather listen to DM than those bands, is what I’m saying.
It was just that comparison with Green Day. 😁

Les Tameside

I honestly haven't ever read one interview by any band or artist that have cited the Cure as an influence.
Manic Street Preachers verifiably, and Placebo probably.

Also, Tim Burton has acknowledged that The Cure were an influence upon his cinematic worlds; which means their influence is actually everywhere.

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Please who made the famous list of the best British groups that you mention here, where the Smiths do not appear?, someone kind can say thank you?


Weirdly, this magazine was only in my local supermarket for a week (complete with special shelf display), and now it's been removed. I wonder if someone was offended by 'evil' Morrissey on the cover and complained? :unsure:

Stephen Hofmann

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I flicked through a copy, and it mostly seemed to be a compilation of other old articles and interviews previously published in Mojo. That said, it looked nicely designed and presented, and it might be handy to have it all in one place. I'm dithering on buying it though, 'cos £8.99 is a lot for a magazine - even if it is pretty chunky!

All magazines today are vastly over-priced.


and Roxy Music, T Rex, Wire should be in any best British bands list as well
Let me preface this by saying I'm a Yank (goddamn immigrant ancestors - Irish blood, Scottish heart, and gawd damn Bible Belt), but it shocks me how many people here in the U.ASS.A know not a song by the Roxy/Kinks, The Jam/Weller and maybe one by Bolan/T. Rex, but "we" love the f*** out of some goddamn Radiohead. IMHO, I think the Bunnymen should be on that list along with JAMC, Madness, Marc Almond/Soft Cell, Pil, Buzzcocks/Magazine, Cocteaus, Dead Can Dance, Dexys and certainly The Clash. ~ Just my opinion from across the pond. And being here rather than there, I'll likely be buying the mag from local Barnes & Noble for $21.00.

~ Just my ignorant two cents

Raked Up Mistakes

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This arrived today stateside in the mail, by some miracle. I haven't read any of the content yet, but the photos, the texture of the publication itself, and the smell of the ink are absolutely intoxicating. ❤️‍🔥

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