MOJO (Apr. 2011) - "The Queen Is Dead" 25th anniversary issue

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    MOJO - April 2011 cover


    ...THE SMITHS: Recorded 25 years ago, The Queen Is Dead is Morrissey and Marr’s masterpiece, its power and arrogance forged on the road in 1985. Martin Aston tells the story of a legendary tour, Jon Savage salutes a band in its prime and a cast of stars praise the album, track by track.

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    1. Anonymous
      Beautiful cover of the CD, as seen before on Moz_solo.

      I would love to shake the cover star's hand... before marrying her.

      The Wrong Boy.
    2. Wobble
      I like the magazine cover better.
    3. Anonymous
    4. Amy
      Morrissey looks pale, young and beautiful. Hair seems unusually dark there though.
    5. Anonymous DAVIE (shhhh)
      Anonymous DAVIE (shhhh)
      Yesss....One of the best pictures of Marr and Morrissey.
      However the picture is not of The Smiths...
    6. Amy
      Come on. They were the only Smiths that mattered.
    7. Anonymous DAVIE (shhh)
      Anonymous DAVIE (shhh)
      Nope....Rourke and Joyce were just as important.
      The Smiths image and music was complete with the Bassist and Drummer.
      Another drummer recreating Joyce's Reel Around The Fountain drum beat? Another Bassist recreating Barbarism Begins At Home? thanks
    8. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      I agree with this anonymous bloke ,whoever he is.There were four Smiths not two
    9. Anonymous DAVIE
      Anonymous DAVIE
      Wouldn't you love to know who's scanning the forums today? :p
    10. billy scissors
      billy scissors
      I have no idea DA..erm...
    11. Anonymous DAVIE
      Anonymous DAVIE
      Well he drops in the most absolutely terrible anonymous spyish way to say "hi"
      That's worse than spy spying on people with the word "spy" wrote in neon pink writing across his clothes and forehead!
    12. Anonymous
      I think that the brains behind the Smiths were Moz & Marr, without Rource & Joyce would not be the Smiths we Know & love but, with "the drive & Ambition of Moz & Marr it would still be great
    13. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      I agree with you 100%

      And I hope the girl in the photo is being compensated for her image. She deserves it. It's such an iconic photograph.
    14. Bluebirds
      Notebooks out

      So you wanna be a music journalist???

      If I was a betting man.. which I am... Morrissey and Marr... by the end of 2012...playing a few gigs... ???

      I always believed music journalism was something to aspire to but then I realised those who can't, teach.
    15. Anonymous
      comment hidden: troll


      So what's journalism go to do with teaching?
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    16. chris
      i'm an occasional mojo buyer. depending on the artist on the cover. will be buying this issue.
    17. celibate
      got enough Mojo/Q special sedits about The Smiths and Morrissey [till Quarry.Mojo]

      so Id say anothger cheap issue made, enough stuff to get a intervieuw

      well 15 euroos is too much, even getting a disc

      [dunno the real price , but for thse special ones it goies between 10-15 euroos, 6 years ago]

      Just pick up a Mojo Classic around me table, Morrissey &the story of Manchster


      ' The Smiths;
      The Truth!
      all four

      other band like Joy Division, Oasis, Stone Roses mentioned on the cover [6 pounds, 5 years ago, 147 pages]
    18. joe frady
      joe frady
      It's not even of Marr and Morrissey. It's a badly spliced collision of two different (not very good) shots of Morrissey and Marr
    19. Anonymous
      comment hidden: troll

      what would you know about further education avram,you couldn't even get past your a levels you thick front wheeler.And talking about "can't" what musical instrument can you'd struggle to get in an Oasis cover band.Stop using this forum as your respite from your spitefully led life.
      I remember you when you were just a young lad,filthy teeth and bruises.let's not go back there.
      leave the capital.
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