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How did you get that??


Morrissey. Selling autographed albums of other artists was embarrassing enough.
Are you planning on selling your used loo roll next?

Famous when dead

Hi Folks

Having shed a great deal of my collection and I'm now considering parting with this unique item - the Preliminary Change of Ownership Report for Morrissey's 1993 home in Beverley Hills.

As well as including the full address and purchase value of the California property, correspondence detail for Morrissey's mother (Elizabeth Dwyer) is also included.

Finally, it is signed in full, 'Steven Patrick Morrissey', and dated by him, which you'll be aware is about as scarce as it comes.

It's appreciated that this is a highly personal item and won't be of interest to many collectors (personal details have been redacted on the scans only) but you are welcome to make me an offer if this is something you see in your collection - email [email protected]

The document is a single page double sided US size 'Letter' - mildly shorter than UK A4 - and in excellent condition.

Best wishes



I believe you bought this in 2012?
It's definitely one of those oddities that seldom appear.
Best of luck.

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It’s astonishing one can purchase something so personal. Hard to believe. I hope Ms. Dwyer’s contact information has changed since.


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Wouldn’t buy a fuckin thing off James tbh. Rubber ring 2.0. (For what it’s worth I like this item, but the moment he stuck up for that nut job gary gittings, he lost all credibility). Not to mention the iffy eBay auctions.
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