Mix engineer analyses 'How Soon is Now?'

Quite an interesting take on the reaction video, as this guy uses some music software to analyse the mix. No idea how accurate his assumptions are, (I don't think even Street and Marr can remember/agree exactly what they did at the time) but interesting to hear it pulled apart.
Here is Daniel Earwicker, one of the best at covering Smiths songs getting a great version of HSIN? recorded with on-screen captions of how he did it.

I don't care about his opinions abut Morrissey, but it's a good video for people like me (i.e, people who is not into making music or recording music), because he explains a lot of "tricks" that the song has. I was completely surprised when he showed the difference between the right side and the left side in the intro and how one of them is absolutely weird, though we listen to the other one because it's louder.
I enjoyed the video, even if I don't agree with his ideas about Morrissey.
I guess ANY audio engineer knows those tricks, but it's nice to hear one explaining them.

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