Misspressed Louder Than Bombs LP?


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Hi i was browsing though records at a local shop and stumbled on a copy of louder than bombs so decided to pick it up. To my surprise when listening to it at home, there is a missing side. Side two of the double LP is instead side 3. Side 3 and 4 are correctly pressed and so is 1, but side two is just nonexistent. I wonder if anyone here heard anything of this i tried searching through the forums on here and various websites and have yet to find anything relevant...

The album is from 1987, Sire Records/Rough Trade... the label of side 2 has the tracks "Panic, Girl Afraid, Shakespeare's Sister, William, It Was Really Nothing, You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby and Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"

But the songs "Ask, Golden Lights, Oscillate Wildly, These Things Take Time, Rubber Ring and Back To The Old House" are pressed on the record...

If anyone knows anything about this miss press I'd love to hear more thank you!
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