Missing digital discography

T. H. Auden

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At the present, at least the following from Morrisseys discography is missing from e.g. Spotify:

- Bonfire of Teenagers - kept away from the audience for some reason
- It Happens Every Time (2020) - single b-side
- World Peace Is None Of Your Business (2014) - album (regular/deluxe)
- Swords (2009) - b-side collection
- Southpaw Grammar (2009) - reissue with companion songs

a) What is the relationships between artist and Spotify, I was wondering. Are they more loyal to the record company than to the artists?
b) Is it laziness on Morrisseys behalf, or is it something to do with "rights"? I mean, an artist should have full control of his/her work, otherwise it's more or less like modern slavery, right?

I know "everyone is all so quick with advice" (regarding "fights for rights" and so on), but I can't stay silent on this issue. It's amazing how much rights we have achieved in the Western world, but artists are still treated like cattle and must surrender their rights to the cynic capitalists. That's not fair, I think. Something horrible happened the moment art was commercialized and the "priggish money men" took control and began treating art like some other commercial goods.

Famous when dead

The RSD B-side getting an (atypical) digital release very quickly after the vinyl and It Happens Every Time not getting said is probably due to the convoluted release history (see history here), misinformation / genuine mix-up, Morrissey's possible 'meddling' or BMG ceasing to play ball and thus nobody has made it available.


Agree it’s been real tedious. His current favorite album has never been on Spotify. It’s a shame cause that might be the only way for some young people to find songs

Ben Budd

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World Peace was definitely on Spotify when it was released.
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