"Miracle! Morrissey gets radio play" - SER YT / Morrissey Central (July 22, 2019)


I reckon looks like The California Son Junior is driving around the San Fernando Valley, Moz Angeles. Reckon looks like he is in the area where Uncle Steve was born mate inn n nn nnn nn n nnn nn cunt wacker tit chipper curry.
Next up from SER:

Morrissey gets through airport security without getting a finger down his rear cleavage
Morrissey attends a concert and stays for 3 songs instead of 2
Morrissey finishes carton of orange juice before it expires because it's wrong to kill oranges and not consume them

I know davidt linked it to the front page because it was posted on "central" but I wouldn't be surprised if he died a little having to promote something so pointless.
For an Artist with his history, he’s just trashing everything right now. Who the hell signed off on this being posted on an official site? It’s so amateurish.
exactly . the whole thing is total cottage industry and amateur hour . Beyond embarrassing

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