Miley Cyrus quotes The Smiths on Twitter - has to deny personal problems

Miley Cyrus denies personal problems: 'I am happy and so loved' - Digital Spy


Miley has dismissed Twitter speculation about problems in her personal life.

The Hannah Montana actress caused concern amongst followers after updating the biography on her profile with lyrics to 'How Soon Is Now' by The Smiths, which read: "I am human and I need to be loved. Just like everybody else does."

When fans mistakenly identified the words as hinting at her own troubles, Cyrus clarified that she in fact felt "happy and loved" and urged them all to focus on their loved ones instead of worrying about her.

"I hope everyone has a merry xmas," she wrote. "2 make it more special try 2 spend every second w the ones u love & dont take their QT away by tweeting! (sic)

"BTW my bio is a song by The Smiths. One of my favorites You should check it out. Theres no trouble in paradise. I am so happy and SO LOVED."

She added: "But it is true. I am HUMAN and I need to be loved. Just like all 4,108,281 of you. Its x-mas make sure everyone you love knows how much xx"
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Miley farts and 100,000 people protest again Heinz beans. Morrissey belches and it's regarded as hot air.


Just by complete coincidence, the little image verification box says the word "conformity".

How very true.


I still have my suspicions that Morrissey stole from Malcolm Bradbury's novel "Eating People is Wrong": "Look, I'm a human being, you know," said Louis. "I need love like everyone else......"


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Perhaps she was only quoting the old love spit love cover used in The Craft and Charmed tv show. ;)
Nevermind... I just finished reading her quote.
Well, Hillary Duff likes the Smiths too. She's just following in her footsteps.
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Given her target demographic, it's pretty damn funny to think of a bunch of clueless tweens thinking Miley's ready to jump off the ledge...

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