Mike Scott (The Waterboys) on Morrissey's merchandise

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OneLove, Nov 2, 2019.

By OneLove on Nov 2, 2019 at 2:54 PM
  1. OneLove

    OneLove Guest

    Mike Scott knows...

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OneLove, Nov 2, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      It was 'Your Arsenal' and 'Low In High School'.
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    2. NealCassidy
      Morrissey’s were snapped up

      these would languish in the bargain bin

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    3. terrancestamp
      This is real rich from a band that charges people to meet them! That is the lowest form of dumpster diving. Charging people $100-$300 for the privilege of just meeting you. Sick..Sick...Sick... That is an ego maniac. Morrissey has never charged people for a meet and greet. He has always been happy to meet people for free. He has respect for his friends. Trust me people would pay big dollars to meet Morrissey! He has NEVER stooped that low. So he doesn't need the money!

      If I want to buy a one of a kind album of Lou Reed or David Bowie that Morrissey, signed then I will. If not then they won't sell. Who cares. It's sad we are talking about this in the same week that Kurt Cobain's sweeter sold for 344K. That's insane!
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    4. NealCassidy
    5. Anonymous
      Ah, so he's one of those types is he?
      Hmmm nutjob.
      Move on, leave him to it.
    6. Anonymous
      It's always hilarious to read that Morrissey has a right to free speech and can say whatever he wants, when he wants but nobody else has that right. Hilarious.
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    7. vegan cro spirit 444
      vegan cro spirit 444
      the Dramatic One, aka :handpointright::guardsman::handpointright: charged 100 dollars but you had to stay about 10 yards away at all times so as to not stare at the :guardsman:.
      information reveals that 0 peeps took up the opportunity.:(
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    8. Anonymous
      Fuck all about anything really...
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    9. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley
      Ahhh... the calm beauty of this response. We are breathing clean air.
    10. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley
      He draws the line at dick slaps. Dick slap.
    11. PuppetParrot
      Mike Scott is a total nutjob.
    12. NealCassidy
    13. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley
      I generally love being in the minority, but Corbyn has my vote. I don’t want to be in the minority anymore.
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    14. Anonymous
      hmm well, President Barack Obama follows this fellow on Twitter and not Moz official so yes you are probably right
    15. Deleted member 27456
      Deleted member 27456
      what? you really need to ask? for fucks sakes!
    16. Anonymous
      What has this got to do with Morrissey being a twat?
      Get back on topic Cassidy. Pathetic.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    17. gordyboy9
      looks like billablog joined this site to let us all know he wouldn't be coming back to this site.why did you even bother,because your just next in the queue to tell the world how your done with M.
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    18. gordyboy9
      he will be saying the earths flat next,oh wait.
    19. Radis Noir
      Radis Noir
      So you don't know the answer? Figures.
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    20. Anonymous
      Wait who's this cunt and why the fuck do I care?

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