Mike Joyce watched England Is Mine

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by Surface, May 26, 2018.

By Surface on May 26, 2018 at 6:16 PM
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    Surface Wonder why Vegan Cro uses emoji's so much?

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by Surface, May 26, 2018.

    1. Anonymous
      Thank you for your reply. I didn't realise that the 1996 court case was still ongoing.

      The drummer Mike Joyce ultimately received a ruling for 25 percent of the band The Smiths' non-songwriting commissions following a nearly decade-long period of quarreling in the courts. Bass-playing fellow litigant Andy Rourke ended up settling for a lump sum and 10 percent in perpetuity along the way.

      Morrissey said: "Really, I'll never forgive him (Mike Joyce) and to a lesser degree Andy (Rourke), because it was horrific," Morrissey told Melody Maker in 1997. "I thought it was shocking, and if I was a weaker person or less intelligent, it would make me despise The Smiths and everything they stood for. And the judge (Judge John Weeks) was horrendous, and all the scrawly sniveling little extremely physically ugly people involved, who viewed me as some kind of anarchic, and semi-glamorous if you don't mind me saying, free spirit."

      I find in interesting that Morrissey's sixth solo studio album album "Maladjusted" came out in 1997. Morrissey wouldn't record another album until 2004's "You Are the Quarry"! This shows how hurt Morrissey was by the 1996 court case.

      The blog "Following the Mozziah" looks interesting. There is so much evidence to prove that Judge Weeks should of ruled in Morrissey's favour: http://followingthemozziah.blogspot.com/2017/10/day-2317-unjust-judge-john-weeks.html

      I'm a Christian as I said before. Which means that I believe Lord Jesus Christ is the Messiah and the only begotten Son of God. I'm a follower of Jesus of Nazareth he is my Lord and Saviour.
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    2. vegan.cro spirit# 568
      vegan.cro spirit# 568

      Dont let the fact that you follow Jesus Savior of the World from reading that particular blog. Its Mozziah not Messiah so you should be good to go. I believe Skinny, or resident Communist/Muslim hateful troll is banned there. He has been cruel and Tommy R like in his treatment of the founder of that blog, the esteemed "Rat", who is very nice and favorable to Moz. Being favorable to Moz will put the Z Z in Skinny(and his troll alter usernames) eyeballs.:cool:

      Mike will never go out and try to obtain gainful employment. His only job has been to find and angle to get to Moz hard earned money. I dont think its ever going to change.:straightface:
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    3. Anonymous
      Thank you. Who are Skinny, Tommy R and the esteemed "Rat"? I think there is someone on here called Uncle Skinny but I don't know anything about them.

      Apart from Morrissey-Solo which websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts and so on do you think are good and favorable to Morrissey?

      I think "Following the Mozziah" blog is really good and as you say it is Mozziah not Messiah: http://followingthemozziah.blogspot.com/

      I found a blog called "MorrisseysWorld" but not sure how you can get to read this blog: http://www.morrisseysworld.blogspot.com/

      Morrissey has his own website now called "Morrissey Central": https://www.morrisseycentral.com/messagesfrommorrissey

      There is also this website: http://morrisseyofficial.com/

      There is also this website called "All You Need is Morrissey": http://allyouneedismorrissey.com/site/

      I was wondering if Judge John Weeks is a Royalist? As well as being a supporter of hunts and the fact that he was was appointed to the position of circuit judge under Margaret Thatcher. I don't know this for sure though. Morrissey has been outspoken about the British Royal family.

      The 1996 court case hurt Morrissey very deeply. I totally understand why Morrissey took a break from recording albums until the "You Are the Quarry" album in 2004. I also understand why Morrissey no longer wanted to live in Britain anymore. Morrissey was very hurt and humiliated. It reminded me a bit of what happened to the Irish poet Oscar Wilde he ended up in Paris, France. I don't like how Mike Joyce and his sidekick Andy Rourke were able to take advantage/exploit the English legal system and also to some extent taint the legacy of The Smiths. I'm serious about my Christian faith. I'm also serious about injustice and what happened to Morrissey.

      By the way what do you mean by being favorable to Moz will "put the Z Z in"?

      Was there something called "True-To-You.net" is it still going?
    4. vegan.cro spirit# 453
      vegan.cro spirit# 453

      For sure, that Judge was a damnable royalist. Andy and Mike had NO IDEA of what the financial statements said for years and years. Lets be real: both are total losers, the original snowflakes.
      Moz is condemned to feed Mike forever; Andy is probably until this very day trying to work an angle to hit Moz for bread. Anything and everything but getting a job.

      Skinny is the same Uncle Skinny that peeps refer to here, "former" insane mod ( former in VERY big quotation marks LOL), somewhat of a Little Lenin. Stay clear of him at all costs.:openmouth: Hes going to save
      the world, along with a dude named Chezz, from many social ills. Both are way out there:crazy:

      True to You got some Z Z Z too, they are out. No mas for them. The esteemed and loyal Sam is now
      in charge, assisted by the very decent and efficient Curtis. No more scams or periodic behavior at shows is
      to be tolerated.:cool:

      Things are changing all over.:thumb:
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    5. Anonymous
      Is Uncle Skinny not a moderator on here anymore? The reason why I didn't want to say anything against Uncle Skinny was because I thought he was a moderator on here. Also I found him a bit frightening and intimidating. Uncle Skinny seemed to be more of a fan of Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke than a Morrissey fan. I found this very strange.

      Who are Tommy R and the esteemed "Rat"? I'm not sure who Sam and Curtis are but they sound like they are good people are they moderators on here? I'm not sure who Chezz is.

      Are you saying that the website "True-To-You.net" no longer exists anymore? Why is that? Was it not favourable to Morrissey?

      I haven't heard the expression "got some Z Z Z" before but I'm guessing it is do with something ending like it is sleeping.

      You say that the court case is still ongoing. Morrissey deserves to have justice in the courts. Morrissey will be remembered in the same way that Oscar Wilde and Elvis Presley will be remembered for all time they are all legends. Mike Joyce and his sidekick Andy Rourke are both partners in crime that is for sure. I don't think that Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke will be remembered in the same way. Things are changing fast these days! It sounds like things are changing at Morrissey's shows/concerts. There is something in the air that all the wrongs in this world will eventually be put right. I have my faith in Jesus and he gives me strength.

      By "bread" you mean "money" don't you? Do you mean "mass" when you say "mas"?
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    6. vegan.cro spirit# 453
      vegan.cro spirit# 453

      The party line is that Skinny quit in disgust. But you know what they say in Moscow once a party member
      always a party member. Skinny and his cronies have always been mysteriously supportive of those two
      particular lawnmowers.:nomouth:

      Tommy R is a poor dude who the Islamists in London slapped in jail. Moz has recently commented on this outrageous breach of simple justice. "Rat"is the gentleman who runs the Mozziah blog. By all accounts he a decent chap all around but has, in the past, raised Skinny's ire. See in the nomenklatura, mod a FORUM is much more prestigious than than running a mere blog.

      Bread is money, moola. Mas is from NO MAS, no more. For example, Mike want no mas from Moz is
      grammatically and categorically contradictory.:straightface:

      There is a new spirit in the air, yes, and Sam and Curtis are moving the project along. True to You is the past, it now sleeps with the fishes.
    7. Anonymous
      I understand now "No Más" means "No more" in Spanish. It isn't to do with Catholic mass.

      I found out Tommy R is the founder of the English Defence League (EDL) Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who also uses the name Tommy Robinson. Sounds like he might have some Irish blood/heritage with the surname Lennon.

      Sam and Curtis sound like they are really good people. I'm not sure who Chezz is though.

      Nomenklatura (in the former Soviet Union) is the system whereby influential posts in government and industry were filled by Party appointees. They were a category of people within the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries who held various key administrative positions in the bureaucracy, running all spheres of those countries' activity: government, industry, agriculture, education, etc., whose positions were granted only with approval by the Communist Party of each country or region.

      I personally don't like Communism because it tries to destroy Christianity. They don't seem to have any love for Father God or for his son Jesus. In Islam they actually deny that Jesus Christ is the son of God they just see Jesus as a prophet.

      I didn't know that being a moderator ("mod") of a forum is more prestigious than running a blog.

      Do you know why the website "True-To-You.net" closed down?

      What does "got some Z Z Z" mean? Is it to do with sleeping with the fishes?

      I'm trying to use British English spellings more like "favourable" rather than the American English spelling "favorable".

      I'm praying for Morrissey. I don't like how Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke continue to mock Morrissey whilst trying to get money from him. Morrissey is a true artist with integrity! Morrissey, Oscar Wilde and Elvis Presley are all heroes of mine they are true artists who changed things there are some others that I admire as well. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.

    8. vegan.cro spirit# 126
      vegan.cro spirit# 126

      Its best to use British spellings here. Tambourine instead of Tamborine. People here can get
      hysterical in a bloody hurry over minor matters.

      Mike should be ashamed of himself for not even attempting to find word instead devising ways
      to squeeze Moz of more money. You can see he has a deviously squat head with beady eyes.
      Andy is probably drunk every going in his mind how he was left out of the real money. Get
      work you lazy sods!! Neither can play their instruments very well, one reason they refuse
      to play them in the Smiths convention. The whole drama is a scandal. I wonder what they will plan
      next after the 'orchestral tour'; they cant join the Mex tribute band because they can hardly play at
      this stage.

      Islam is no good. Its worse than Communism , Islam want sto stamp out good things like Christianity.
      This particular forum if chock full of all manner of Islamic commies. ZZZ means very bad things, worse than XXX. Like "im going to carve a few z z z s on your cheek", I think it originally came from that Romeo and Juliet book by WS.
      Mike Joyce wants to put some Z Z Zs on Moz and his bank account.

      True to You sleeps with the fishes. Sam, who is in charge and doing yeoman's work, decided Moz
      needed some pizzaz that TTY lacked. It is rumored that Johnny "Drama" Marr was heard having a laugh on Moz due to the TTY Angelfire format. He put some ZZZ in them. The rest is history.:sunglasses:
    9. Truth
      This is classic morrissey-solo. It reminds me of the old days when the posts scrolled off the page and disappeared forever. Some of the current members wouldn't have survived those times but they were busy cuddling with their cabbage patch dolls at the time.
    10. Anonymous
      The Smiths 'orchestral tour' never happened because Andy Rourke dropped out at the last minute. Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon really wanted to do it but Andy Rourke let them down. They are the devious people NOT Morrissey!

      From what I understand Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke now work as DJ's. I think they often like to play "Panic" by The Smiths when they DJ. Without Morrissey they would be nothing and would have to get regular jobs.

      What is the "Mex" tribute band? Are they from Mexico? I think Mexicans have a real love for Morrissey and they speak Spanish. I can't speak fluent Spanish myself.

      Do Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke go to Smiths conventions? I don't understand why they would go to these events maybe it is for the money.

      Islam and Communism are both evil forces in this world they both want to destroy Christianity. Communists tend to be atheists. I don't like Fascism either. As I said before in Islam they view Jesus Christ as just a 'prophet'. Jesus is much more than just a prophet he is the only begotten Son of God! Lord Jesus Christ can save people of their sins that is something Muhammad would never be able to do because he isn't divine.

      Some of the things I liked about Elvis Presley was that he took his Christian faith seriously and that he had traditional family values. I think Elvis was against Communism because it is against the American way of life. Morrissey sings a good version of Elvis' song "You'll Be Gone". I always wanted Morrissey to sing Elvis' song "Hurt". Elvis Presley was Southern American and he had some Celtic roots as well.

      You say that ZZZ means very bad things, worse than XXX. I had no idea about this. I also had no idea that it came from "Romeo and Juliet" the tragedy play written by William Shakespeare. Is it like when a Witch puts a Hex magick spell or a curse on someone?

      What is the TTY Angelfire format?

      What does sleeps with the fishes mean?
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    11. Surface
      Looks like Mike and Aziz Ibraham have got together to play some gigs?

      Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
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    12. Musician
      Since when Mike turned into a left-handed drummer? Or is it just an inverted recording?
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    13. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      Inverted by the looks of where Mike's watch is.

      Edit, plus The Smiths poster is back to front in the background, oh and the left handed drummer!
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    14. Anonymous
      Years ago Mike Joyce formed the "Aziz Band" with Aziz Ibrahim. Andy Rourke was also involved with that band.

      Nova Rehman who is Andy Rourke's former manager is also friends with Aziz Ibrahim. Whist I don't like Nova Rehman and Andy Rourke at all I do think that Aziz Ibrahim has some talent he is a good guitar player and he seems to be a nice decent, genuine person.

      This is Aziz Ibrahim's Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aziz_Ibrahim

      Taken from Aziz Ibrahim's Wikipedia page:

      Aziz Ibrahim co-founded "No Label" – the name initially came from Aziz Ibrahim in a rant about major record labels, how he didn't need them and would start his own label and call it 'No Label Records'. The label was initially formed with co-directors John Sherrington, Nova Rehman and employing Ahsan Naeem as A&R scout. After 'No Label' was established in Bolton, Aziz Ibrahim later took a back seat to the set up concentrating on his own music. The labels first release was the début single "Middle Road" from Aziz Ibrahim followed by the signing of Mark Coyle's group 'Tailgunner'. 'No Label' was liquidated in 2000. After the demise of 'No Label', Aziz Ibrahim founded the Longsight, Manchester based label "Indus Records Ltd."

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