Mike Joyce (via Facebook): 'Mozzer' shirts make £10,000 so far for Lad's Club

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By Famous when dead on Feb 27, 2017 at 1:26 PM
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    Good news for SLC.

    Mike Joyce / Facebook

    I was at The Lad's Club a couple of weeks ago and I was informed that the proceeds for the sale of the 'Mozzer' t shirt had hit the £10,000 mark...and counting! I just want to thank all of you good folk that bought the T shirt and those involved at the club for raising such a staggering amount of money for such a great cause. Mike x

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    1. ninetimesfined
      What a nice chap...
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    2. Anonymous
      Fair dos. Some might slag him out of loyalty to Moz but to do it for this is crass.
    3. ShyShy_Flower
      Does Morrissey receive 10%? 25%? Of proceed for the use of his image? It isn't Joyce's face on there. At least it's for charity, although the Moz mporium Pop-up shop was cool.
    4. gordyboy9
      well done to all involved,will keep the lights on for a while.
    5. ACTON
      Good news for a change. Nice one Mike. I love that the t-shirts are already yellow as it future proofs them from the manky tide of time. I look at my 1995 Morrissey/Bowie tour tshirt and whats left of it is yellow and full of rat holes. It only lasted me 20 years of wearing everyday. Last time I'll ever buy a £5 knock off rag from an unlicensed vendor.
    6. Anonymous
    7. Anonymous
      He shouldn't do. As far as I am aware Mike Joyce took this photo, which means he owns the copyright, so it's his to do what he wants with it. Good on him for earning some money for a good cause.
    8. Anonymous
      This guy is despicable.
    9. celibate
      if Slatan Ibrahimovic would've posed with the shirt, we would've have the Smiths /Joyce tale going on, sadly the Man United player has never spoken about liking the Smiths.

      Nice T shirt, and thanks Mike Joyce
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    10. Anonymous
      I notice that 'the kids' are already buying brand new faux vintage shirts, which look like someone has been scrubbing at the design with a cheese grater until it's half obliterated. What we really need now are ones that come with dirty great armpit stains ready supplied. It's bloody knackering adding your own.
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    11. Anonymous
    12. Anonymous
      You hate charity?

      Or do you just think Morrissey is hurting for money?
    13. Anonymous
      Absolutely. He'd take the t shirt off Morrisseys back :rolleyes:
    14. Anonymous
      Mike Joyce is despicable. He's basically saying "look at me and the money I raised for charity". No class, just ass.
    15. Uncleskinny
      I see. Do you recall when Moz donated £20k to the SLC? What a bastard, eh?
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    16. Anonymous
      No don't recall that. The point is to let the SLC announce it and not put it on personal Facebook post. How was the Moz donation presented?
    17. Uncleskinny
      Acquaint yourself with facts before making a fool of yourself. Both the SLC (first) and Moz announced the donation as is my recollection. I'm happy to be corrected on that.
    18. Anonymous
      Moz didn't want to be known as the donater but got talked into it by the SLC because they wanted the publicity, and Moz didn't sell anything with the mug of Mike Joyce on it.
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    19. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I saw it via MEN:
      I believe it was an altruistic act as a reaction to the news of the theft of lead - whilst in the middle of them already being busy with roof repair fundraising.
      From the Guardian at the time:
      "Morrissey's manager Merck Mercuriadis had stated that the singer wished to keep the donation secret, but agreed to go public because it was hoped a high-profile donation such as his would help campaigners reach the £1m mark."
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