Mike Joyce on The Smiths, Morrissey allegations - Sam Delaney's News Thing

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    1. rifke
      it's a shame mozzer and mike cant be friends. I could imagine them as friends, sitting together, chatting. mike seems most agreeable.
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    2. dotmatrix522
      To me, I see all theee at work. It is really hard to imagine what caused him to post these string of recent essays (and to possibly interview himself).
      I completely agree from his actions he has gotten more eccentric these past few years, and if it’s possible, even more self-sabotaging. That’s been sad and somewhat embarrassing to witness.
      That was awkward but I thought Mike handled it quite well!
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    3. Nathan Steggles
      Nathan Steggles
      Well that was bloody awful!!! How can a journalist get away with that??? Shoddy, lazy television at its absolute worst.
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    4. Lionsy
      "You can't help but feel the Chinese people are a sub species"
      "That's true."


      I can see the news tomorrow, Morrissey's (Ex) Drummer also a racist! That's the sort of thing some rags love to take out of context.

      Joyce always seems like such a nice person in interviews like these.
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    5. Thewlis
      Mike did a lovely job defending Moz when he could so easily have stabbed in the knife.
      That interviewer was terrible!!
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    6. gordyboy9
      that was a right stitch up,the three laughing gnomes in the background laughing at every word.when he does his intro at the start I was expecting an audience to clap,looks like cheap internet tv.
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    7. Uncleskinny
      That was a queasy watch. Unfair on Mike.
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    8. Truth
      Mike is a good guy and very charitable but I don't think he was tricked into answering anything. He "could have said no if he wanted to." Anyway, he comes off really well here and he's probably glad not to be talking about the recent symphony event cancellation anymore. He should really send Morrissey a nice muffin basket.
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    9. Peppermint
      I love the way the interviewer is explaining things to camera like it's Blue Peter. Really cringeworthy TV, handled with aplomb by Mike, but really, he should have just said 'no'.
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    10. Flibberty
      A terrible interviewer, but Mike came across well.

      On a tangentially related note...while Morrissey has obviously courted controversy, the fact that Shania Twain has been forced to apologize just for mentioning who she would have voted for in the U.S. election shows just how insane the world has become...
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    11. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Good old RT. I always turn to the Kremlin’s propaganda channel when I want the unadulterated truth.

      Sam Delaney started off as one of those 90s lad’s mag gobshites, and I see he hasn’t progressed very far. His hideous accent has been terrifying small mammals for three decades. Terry Christian without the looks. Freddy Krueger meets Tim Lovejoy. A nation shudders.

      Like some here he makes no effort to see past the words and into the deeper meaning. That it is not literally true that you have to be in ISIS to perform halal slaughter is enough to dismiss it, and ignore the underlying point that the process of halal - or kosher slaughter - is horrific. It’s the laziest of lazy journalism, no doubt backed up by his (thankfully in this clip relatively silent) zoo format tossers employed to roar maniacally with laughter at the merest aside of their patron.

      Morrissey is a songwriter. He speaks in the same florid broadbrush style we see in his work. It does him little good when he speaks to such as Delaney. It does him little good full stop. The question is does he have the right to put forward those views?

      There’s a famous quote made during Trump’s presidential campaign that also now, I think, pertains to Morrissey and to any non-conformist voice perceived to be on the right these days. “Trump supporters take him seriously but not literally, while his opponents take him literally but not seriously.” It’s a lesson many in the media still have not grasped.

      Delaney, while cloaking himself in the pretence of journalistic probity, then implies Morrissey said you don’t hear English spoken anymore in London. I don’t recall Morrissey saying that. Do you? He said something similar, but wait, I thought Sam was a seeker of truth, an arbiter of forensic accuracy?

      As an aside, and draw any inference you wish, I live forty miles west of Central London and ten minutes walk from my nearest corner shop. I rarely hear English spoken during the outward or inward journey. In fact, if I do, I’m surprised. Mind you, I discovered recently that if I wished I wouldn’t have to walk as far to buy heroin as I would milk. Progress, of sorts. You decide the direction.

      As for Joyce, I get the feeling he wasn’t expecting to be ambushed in that way, but he should have. If he’d done his research he’d have known Delaney is a chancer.

      As Sam likes “who said” games here’s one for him. Who said “If we can take south Ukraine we can at a later date threaten fuel supplies and move closer to our objective.”?

      Adolf Hitler after the collapse of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact or Vladimir Putin in 2014?

      Sam, forgive me, it’s a trick question. The answer is both. Only one pays your salary though.
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    12. Peppermint
      This is one of the main reasons why I wish Morrissey would shut up, because he's just feeding slugs like this with content. He isn't instigating wider debate: partly because the political balance in the media is stacked against him, partly because he speaks in, as you put it, 'florid broadbrush style' with no respect for the details, which makes him easy to dismiss. Mike handled it well, but he should be asking himself what he was doing there in the first place.
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    13. Lee Ingram
      Lee Ingram
      Aren't we all sick to the back teeth of the word racism being misused and abused to the point of losing its meaning, and the fact that you can't make un-PC flippant, tongue in cheek or anger fueled comments anymore without the left going hysterical taking it out of context and demonising and brow beating you with the good old racist accusation because they can't handle your opinion and that is what the racism accusation is, it is used to shut down debate and free speech.
      Well done Mike Joyce for not falling for their cringy lefty mocking nonsense.
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    14. Anonymous
      Stop using journalists as a scapegoats, like Morrissey does.

      This what Morrissey said:

      "If you walk through Knightsbridge on any bland day of the week you won't hear an English accent. You'll hear every accent under the sun apart from the British accent."

      If you feel the need to defend that easily debunked nonsense, then you should have spit dripping off of your face.

      You're a cult member. You're part of the problem. You're not a victim, you're an enabler.

      You post the quote about Trump and how seriously he is taken, and yet, here you are, reacting to criticism of Morrissey's bigotry the same way that a Trump supporters reacted toward his comments.
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    15. Uncleskinny
      What a load of old Daily Mail bollocks.
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    16. Anonymous
      "You should defend Bozzer more often!"

      Jesus - what a tacky, crappy piece of TV journalism, and from the pacing you can clearly tell it's been edited to fuck. I'm not a huge fan of Joyce, but you can sense his growing embarressment as it goes on.
    17. madasun
      Mike handled that so well.
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    18. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      "If you're going to be making a strong point about something you have to be correct".

      In a nutshell.
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    19. Anonymous
      It hasn't lost its meaning. To be considered a racist is as damaging now as it has been at any point in history. Keep telling yourself that it has lost its impact. This only proves that you live in a bubble, and are out of touch with how these ideas a perceived by active members of society.

      Your thoughts are the thoughts of the isolated, and disengaged. They don't represent a majority of people's views.

      Joyce, even while being diplomatic, makes Morrissey look much smaller. Joyce is nuanced, Morrissey is the fringe, and unserious.

      Joyce justifiably won the court case, and it's likely reason Morrissey is still touring today.

      "Pride goeth before the fall" aptly describes the end of Morrissey's career. His inability to represent himself in a nuanced way, and his unwillingness to adjust, and grow when it comes to his statements, only makes life unnecessarily difficult for him.
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