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Ive been telling you for months how much of a donkey dick mike joyce is....I just got done reading that little article on nme about mike joyce crying like the little bitch that he is about it portraying him as a "broke bastard". Mike,what are you crying for?? we already knew you sucked,and we already knew you were broke. You're the worst musician ever(besides fellow ex-smith andy rourke),there is nothing to cry about.Morrissey shouldnt have to give you anything. Johnny marr,you suck too. Your new album is evident of that. You havent had a career since the smiths,and you wont haveone til you get together with the ex boys. But now,thanks to the biggest ass clown in the world andy rourke,that wont happen. Should've left well enough alone. Morrissey is god,you all worship him(as you f***in should! I do there's nothing wrong with that). Morrissey is the biggest PIMP this world has ever seen. he is the smiths.and without him....the others are nothing!!!!!!
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