Middlesbrough - Town Hall (July 8, 2011) post-show

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Set List: (scan from an anonymous person)

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / You're The One For Me, Fatty / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Want The One I Can't Have / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / You Have Killed Me / Action Is My Middle Name / I Know It's Over / Satellite Of Love / People Are The Same Everywhere / Alma Matters / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Meat is Murder / Speedway / Irish Blood, English Heart // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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Morrissey At Middlesbrough Town Hall. Clips, Snips And Pointless Artefacts. - The Northern Line. Link posted by eddiegray.
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We can but dream for an epic 10 minute rendition of 'Southpaw'. Or some new songs...can't see him changing that amazing set-list though :D


fab gig i cant believe that at the end of satellite of love he sang a few lines from the Beatles cant buy me love fab stuff
Lost power after 5/6 songs.At the piano intro to "action is my......"Did an impromptu dance for a few seconds then they all went off. Came back on to the loudest cheer of the night(as you could well imagine) and carried on with the song. Good night,good gig,nice venue.No major setlist changes.Made a joke about the"hairy lemon" pub across the road from venue.Can't remember what he said but it was not very nice but very funny. William and Kate(surprisingly) are not his favourite couple....etc,etc.......and so the legend continues!


Would someone sort this site out. On here to read post gig reviews not this garbage, sort it out this is not a site for fans of Morrissey

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A great night...nice venue...crown a bit sedate for my liking...but he was on top form again! No surprises in the setlist...


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Bizarre evening. Met and chatted to Bernie Slaven. Power cut followed by a little tap dance of sorts. Went weak at the knees for I know it's over and meat is murder. Thought morrissey sounded amazing and the band played brilliantly. Met an ex in the hairy lemon. All in all an amazing evening. Shame the crowd were so quiet though, but then maybe we are all getting a little older now. :D

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Just got back home, fantastic evening again!
Moz in good form, though a little quiet in between songs.
Had another go at 'shitty William' and 'shitty Kate'. :lbf:
Front row center stage for me tonight, got a nice handshake from the man himself during the encore (which tonight was There Is A Light...).


Panic (the opener)
I Know It's Over (excellent as always)
Alma Matters
Action Is My Middle Name (I just love this song)

Met some lovely people at the front tonight...so if you happen to be reading, hello again and a very special thank you to Hugh from Scotland, and the two very friendly ladies from Sweden and California respectively. You people are kindness itself! :)




Shitty William and shitty Kate are staying in Handcock Park down the street. :love:


Very quiet crowd compared to the rest of the tour, even Perth was more lively than this.


Good gig tonight.
Got to watch from the side of the front barrier, Boz-side tonight.

Kristeen Young did a great job, her costume tonight was a tailored black dress with an open cut on the left side baring her enviously thin waistline. The cut was lined with red at the edges. Hair wild and wavy like on her new EP instead of the pompadour. Her head was on a platter, literally. I believe this is in one of the movies one of her new ep's songs is based on, but also witty. Always nice to see someone be creative and different onstage. The songs seemed to be well-received in the audience. Several cheers and a lot of people just listening.

Moz wore navy-blue soft canvas pants tonight. For the shirts, he started with a sparkly sheer black button-down shirt, which he sweated a lot in and suggestively opened the collar again. Then I think the next one was a white button-down with black trim on either side of the button-line, later a really cool black one with red trim. And he did definitely have a white plaster rolled around the first knuckle of his right index finger (if that kid broke his finger, he shouldn't be allowed in the front area ever again! Maybe this goes without saying even if M's finger isn't broken). Anyway...

The band wore grey shirts with James Dean's image and name printed on them.

Overall the crowd seemed less rowdy and quieter than Stoke and Leeds, understandable considering Leeds was just last night. M seemed in great spirits if a touch tired, speeding up some lines here and there. But he still delivered a truly great show.

From my new vantage point, I enjoyed his body language a lot more, except for the punching fist one, which made me put my camera away :blushing:. He was really humourous during I Want the One I Can't Have, doing a double-breast feel gesture on himself a couple times and also miming quickly grabbing another's crotch in front ("on the day when your mentality, decides to catch up with your biology..."). He played off the power loss very well, patiently waited while the crowd cheered and kept in physical communication with us, the dance jig was really cute. When it was obvious it would take more time to resume the power, he exited stage right and the band followed. The crew figured it out in about 5 minutes (ghost of Middlesbrough Town Hall?). M quipped that he had to feed 20 pence to the meter by the Fuzzy Lemon (?). So glad M and band came back onstage and continued with People Are the Same Everywhere.

Changed around the setlist a little bit with Panic in front (as mentioned earlier). Great opening energy from M/the band and the audience, singing along.

I Know It's Over done very well again, the outro lines half-mimed instead of sung as if he felt the earth falling over his head.

One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell - Solomon totally rocked this song, intro to the end.

Gustavo rocked the synth on I think it was the end of IBEH or one of the new songs. I liked what he played at that part the best of any of the nighs.

Meat Is Murder - noticed that before they begin, M and band came together very prayerfully around the drums. They stay contemplative throughout the entire song. I noticed more of the video tonight, too, of the meat-packing industry. So sad. The pre-song banter was about finally turning on the tv again and how ugly it was that William and Kate watched and cheered on a bull fight where barbed wire was cruelly wrapped around the bull's testicles.

There Is a Light - great with both M and the audience singing along. Was this the encore ?

Setlist was paper-airplaned and tossed out to audience, so we got the whole show.

M was a lot more partial to stage left/house right tonight for shaking hands, but he did come around stage right/house left a few times.

Sorry that's all I can recall at the moment.
Still catching up from blogging late last night.
This is my last show of this tour.
4 shows and 1 festival, whew!

Hope everyone who's going to the other shows or Kristeen's London residency has tons of fun!!

cheers/Rock On! :guitar:


I wonder if Boro Lad was there. The only decent bloke in the chatroom of old. Forgot his nickname but to me he was always boro lad the postman and takeaway addict :)

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Thank you romeogirl for taking the time to write about the shows you attended. Very good reading and getting a feel what the concerts were like ,

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