Michael Farrell: Ringleader Of The Tormentors Twitter listening party 8pm UK time (May 31, 2020)



Morrissey basically calls people whatever he feels like, doesn't he? Didn't he rename keyboardist Steve Nieve "Steven Heart" for the liner notes of Kill Uncle?

His 'character' is 'Steve Hart' on the back cover for Elvis' trust album from 1981.

Bizarrely, he went by the name 'Maurice Worm' for the Goodbye Cruel World album.


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Never heard that Boz story. Not doubting you, but do you have a source? Very curious.

Finally found a moment to look this one up.

Below is a reference to a thread on Solo that claims this was the reason:
But I don't know how reliable this source is.

I also checked autobiography tonight, and Moz writes lots of really positive things about Mikey.
On page 420, he mentions that Tony V. told him that "Mikey is actually a very average musician" but Morrissey couldn't care less. Then, on page 448, Morrissey also mentions the incident at the Hollywood Bowl concert (of 8 June 2007) where Mikey presented him with a personal guestlist that Morrissey deemed way too long and costly, so he had to turn down Mikey's request, upsetting the latter. Once more money getting into the way....

Autobiography did not mention the reason for Mikey's departure, and I thought I had read it there. So perhaps I should have been a little more careful.

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