Morrissey Central "Mexico City" - dengue infection will take 2-3 weeks to clear; tour to resume in Florida (September 10, 2023)

Looks like he caught Dengue Fever - all shows cancelled until Florida on 7 October. All South American dates cancelled.

Morrissey’s arrival in Mexico City has resulted in a dengue infection. The virus will take 2-3 weeks to clear.

The tour is set to resume in Florida.

Morrissey has not ‘cancelled’ any shows, but the infection makes the immediate two weeks impossible.
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We’re getting deep into the swamp of conspiracy now. I’m not saying he’s not full of shit, but I’d like a bit more of substantiated proof.
It is not presenting a certificate and nothing more, if things are done seriously, laboratory studies, images, etc. must be presented according to what has to be justified. If they are infections, the blood test, presence of virus, blood or antibodies (antibody titration) and other more sophisticated tests will be presented. . Everything is attached and there are several signatures: the biochemical doctor and if there are images, signed by medical imaging specialists. This if things are done seriously
I am a believer in intuition and a world beyond our human understanding. When Michael Jackson announced those last planned UK performances I was 100% certain they wouldn't happen (nothing beyond that, I'm not that good). Now a late Morrissey music fan (in the past did have a vague interest in the interviewee persona but only the eccentricity, aloneness and vegetarianism registered, not that he had made music), I had a similar thought that if he did all those planned shows I would never see him live. So despite the lack of info about his wellbeing, I am believing that this way things can happen in the future. Sometimes things happen for a reason, but I still feel for those disappointed, I don't mean to sound dismissive.
How is the patient doing?

Has the delirium lifted, and the fever cooled?

Are they sitting up, taking solids, and putting flesh back on them bones?

Will they be in one piece and on their feet again in time for Florida?

Night fever

Dengue fever

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Night Fever

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