Morrissey Central "Mexico City" - dengue infection will take 2-3 weeks to clear; tour to resume in Florida (September 10, 2023)

Looks like he caught Dengue Fever - all shows cancelled until Florida on 7 October. All South American dates cancelled.

Morrissey’s arrival in Mexico City has resulted in a dengue infection. The virus will take 2-3 weeks to clear.

The tour is set to resume in Florida.

Morrissey has not ‘cancelled’ any shows, but the infection makes the immediate two weeks impossible.
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Uffff, this one has to hurt to those who have travelled from the States.

Update - condolences to fans and wishes to M and what an obnoxious prick the mosquito is!
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That's odd, still can't see anything about this.

Holy shit, hope he get well soon. Take care and stay alive Moz :muscle:
In comparison, Mark Burgess of The Chameleons started their American tour 2 days ago. His mother died on the same day. He is still out there performing which is shocking.

Not saying that M is wrong to cancel if he genuinely has DF, but the boy who cried wolf springs to mind...
Mhmm, that's bad! But this time they gave at least a sort of explanation (although not very timely) on Central (a sign that there is some kind of management?!)...But also interesting and very MCentral that they felt to write, that he had not "cancelled" anything in quotation marks. Does that mean, they all are gonna be rescheduled?
"Morrissey has not ‘cancelled’ any shows" - yet no rescheduled information or even a suggestion of said like yesterday.
That will be because 7 concerts won't fit between New York & Singapore with travel and logistics (nor at the end of the Australian run as it will clash with Xmas).
So in reality, probably 'cancelled'.
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