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    Apr 22, 2010
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    I took the day off work today to sort some stuff out , but also to get some tickets to the MEN gig , had two screens up on the computer , gigs and tours and ticketmaster , logged in at 8.55 , refreshed the page " SOLD OUT " for standing tickets , a few hours later this crap is listed on EBAY its such rubbish ! Its such a rip off , Mozza tells us not to buy the EMI records he never gave the go ahead for , do you think he knows about these crooks milking him for millions selling tickets they never even wanted

    4 Morrissey Standing Tickets MEN ARENA 28.07.12
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    Time left: 12h 4m 12s (28 Apr, 201209:58:04 BST)
    Starting bid: £260.00
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    Its pathetic :( There are now four pages of tickets on Ebay. One of the worst I have found is one seller who openly advertises that he has TWELVE seated tickets in Block 102 and is asking £79.99 plus £5.45 postage per ticket. How??????? These are great seats and were sold out on Ticketmaster when I was on line at 08.55. Its so wrong:mad::mad:
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    Jul 7, 2006

    there is something dodgy going on with these tickets. We got seating tix, will get standing one way or another, but all the info from friends trying to get them has been the same. At this moment I'd say there are more tickets in the hands of those planning to sell them, inc touts,agencies etc than there are in the hands of folk who really want to be there. We'll see how it pans out, but our Moz now is not the same draw he was say in 2004. To be honest I'd not be surprised if the Moz camp has had something to do with it. Especially as we are in a recession, festivals cancelled and the Stone Roses have just quaffed 750,000 tickets the month before. Its all very strange. A couple of years ago it was quite easy to get tix for some pretty small venues. Not convinced that that the band playing in speedoes and Moz singing Scandinavia and FOTG(for how many years now...12?) is a major pull. Lets wait and see
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    Touts will only make money if people are daft enough to pay the inflated prices. Fact is there are more than enough tickets to satisfy demand for this gig and touts will be desperate to offload them nearer the time.

    Keep an eye on, tickets at face value wil appear on there without question
  5. Anonymous

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    People are stupid. A fact that the touts rely on. Currently there are nearly 1600 tickets listed on the secondary market sites. Some of these will get snapped up soon, and you can be sure that there will be a load more part-time touts with tickets in the post ready to join in on e-bay et al. Taking of New Order, when they played Manchester this week you could pick up standing and good seats from half face value to face value, on the day of the gig. So, if people want to be stupid they can snap up those inflated priced tickets and give the touts an early Christmas.

    Over the years I've learned that a lot of people who cry "I'd kill for a ticket" suddenly go cold when the opportunity arrives. If you want a ticket and are prepared to make your plans without one, leaving it till late, you'll get one. Don't pay these prices, it just encourages more and more of these bastards.

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