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Drew, that is lovely. Endure and enjoy every minute. It goes by very quickly. You will be very surprised once the second one comes, how easy it will be. Be patient and loving (you probably are, but what I tell every new parent) because my experience has taught me that sleep is hard during the infant time. Just know what and why it's happening. I love being a parent.

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Very playful mid air pic. You look so tiny, it's cute.

Smashed on Hallween
Epic flail.

I'm going to assume that you hate cleaning? I thought Swiffer was supposed to make it more pleasant. No?

I love cleaning. It was a hilarious symbolic joke. Too many crooks in the kitchen, the strange dust is cleaned with my flail. Nevermind.
I need to pay a lot more attention to your posts. You'd think I'd know this by now. :(

I have a Master's signs!

tadum CHA!

*any Dan Coffey fans in the house?*
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