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That doesn't mean to say we can't have more :D ... I sound like a junkie now



My secret's my enzyme.
You guys are all so cute. :sweet:


It's all good
You're not balding more than the average middle-aged, blondish solo male.

What's more interesting is the Sinclair computer in the display window to your right. My dad had one of those!

The game is Manic Miner, one of the greatest of all time, being played on an actual Sinclair Spectrum at the Media Museum in Bradford. For sad old sods like me, there's still time to visit...more here, and more specifically here.




One time a poster on here who's name I won't mention but it rhymes with Charlotte Sighfest told me that I'd look prettier if I wore mascara. So I went out and bought mascara but I rub my eyes too often because I'm a bit of a tomboy and only wear it when I have to go to fancy things. :p
I think that you would look quite good with mascara and also you should buy an eyeliner too-its nothing too heavy.Im sure that you would look nice:)
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Me doing a photoshoot a photography project

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