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Someone's Alter-Ego

You look SO different these days. I think I like it but it's confusing. I always knew you as a gay man, now you sport something between 5 o'clock shaddow and a scruffy beard. What's up with that?

You will always be a great talent, and wonderful to look at. I am just not sure if I like you better gay or straight? But who am I to judge. You'll always be hawt:horny:

Long time fan,




Reckless Endangerment
DaveyHavok is making me feel insecure about my appearance..:o


This is the sleeve to my new single, 'The Brains of Flies' released later today on Subspine Records. (Shameful plug :p)

:blushing: Be gentle..


Someone's Alter-Ego
The real question is -- why AREN'T you?


because i'm not a depressed emo homosexual? ;)

having said that, after hearing your attempt at 'music', i wanted to eat my own head..

Mcrickson, I listened to your music and I must admit at first I didn't enjoy it. But it stuck with me and gave it another listen. Its very different and I like that. A lot. I'm glad you can accept that people will attack you from all angles over music and you handle it well. Anyway, sorry about that. kyleleonard seems to like to attack you.

I'm wondering why you felt the need to send me that private message just now.

because i'm not a dick, and you clearly are for continuing this petty argument

good day.

I see the quote mcrickson provided and this quote kyleleonard provided as contradictory and wonder exactly WHY kyleleonard must always attack mcrickson.
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