Melrose Ave pop-up - photos from street view


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Oh f***ing blow me. He gets Melrose in LA to suck his dick with this worthless record and horrible shirts. Spend spend spend
If u don't like it go wash your clothes and mouth while you are at it....u haven't obviously listened to any of the songs....just another hater nobody


Oh f***ing blow me. He gets Melrose in LA to suck his dick with this worthless record and horrible shirts. Spend spend spend

Fill the christmas stocking with all things shocking.



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Will any kind-hearted Angelinos please report on the actual good offered at the LA pop-up? Prices, descriptions and photos of other items not yet seen, confirmed hours, etc.?



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LIHS sweater.jpg stdib sleep mask.jpg I got there at 9 today (Friday) and there was a line of about 15 people in front of me. Security was only letting in a certain number of people at a time but by 10am there was no line.

Here's me in the bed in LA. Sadly, the blanket is not for sale. They had about 15 styles of shirts, some of which are available on Mporium (Be Kind to Animals, Barbershop, Kicking), some of which is available as tour merch but not currently on Mporium (Stop Watching the News and others), some Low in High School athletic style shirts and crew neck sweaters (sweater pictured below), maroon winter beanies and scarves, a set of pencils with Low in High School tracks on them, sleep masks and pillows (pictured in the bed photo) with Spent the Day in Bed on them, some LIHS pop-up shop shirts and posters, LIHS turntable mat, postcards, and maybe a couple of other things I'm forgetting. Also was nice that they had the Glamorous Glue t-shirt in men's sizes (the UK Mporium online shop only has women's fit). I heard that the signed LPs ($290) sold out early. I don't know if they will have more signed copies on Saturday and Sunday or not.
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Something lighthearted in amongst the interview furore:
Cover star Maxi signing an autograph at the US pop up.
Good for him.




Is LIHS the only actual album they have for sale there or will they have some of the back catalogue? I'm debating driving up from San diego tomorrow morning, but I want to make sure it's worth the trip
low in high school info
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