Melinda Gates called divorce lawyers in 2019 after NY Times revealed Bill's ties to Jeffrey Epstein: WSJ




Melinda Gates Called Divorce Lawyers in 2019 After NYTimes Revealed Bill's Ties to Jeffrey Epstein: WSJ​

Melinda Gates started talking with divorce lawyers in October of 2019 after the New York Times first revealed Bill Gates had met with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on multiple occasions, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. The report sheds new light on the timeline of the wealthy couple’s disintegrating marriage, something Bill and Melinda announced only last week with a joint statement about their pending divorce.

The New York Times first reported in a story dated October 12, 2019 that Bill Gates had met with Epstein, even including a photo of Epstein and Gates standing next to each other at Epstein’s apartment in 2011. The 2011 meeting was three years after Epstein pleaded guilty to two state charges in Florida: one count of “solicitation of prostitution” and one count of “solicitation of prostitution with a minor under the age of 18.”

Speculation ran rampant last week that the Bill and Melinda were splitting up over Bill’s ties to Epstein, but this is the first time a news report has hinted at the possibility so directly, though the Journal’s sources remain unnamed.

From the Wall Street Journal:


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