Melanie on Morrissey’s cover

Very nice tweet from the legendary singer.

@officialmoz is an artist unlike any other. His voice is something from another age. So honored he performed my song Some Say (I Got Devil) on his new album. I love it and the album is quite special. You should all go listen to the whole thing. #newmusic #morrissey #woodstocklove

UPDATE July 10:

Screenshot of tweet added to Morrissey Central:

Message From Melanie.
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Isn't it an overreach to say that Morrissey is promoting the great replacement theory just because he posted a video by a man who has other videos on that theory? It's the same thing.

Some people on here thought the Stormzy video was racist and hateful. I didn't agree with that and, though I found nothing wrong with that video, I looked at some of Morgoth's other videos and felt that they were far worse and more hateful. You might not agree with me about the contents of that video, but let's assume you do so I can make my point.
That's why I equate Morrissey sharing the video with Melanie promoting California Son. Just like I saw nothing particularly incendiary in the video, there's nothing incendiary or controversial in CS. Yet, by Moz sharing that video and getting people like me to watch it- who'd never otherwise know of this Morgoth character- he's giving him more views/money/support. Similarly, by supporting the music, harmless in itself, Melanie is getting people who otherwise might not listen to Moz to buy the record- thus giving him money/support.

I spend no time bothering with Kanye. I couldn't care less about Kanye and I love Morrissey to bits- the man and the music. Really, I thought this was a convincing argument from the other side and I was hoping to be proven wrong.
It’s Billy Bragg that gave life to Morgoth.

If Billy didn’t step in, it most likely would be forgotten by now, like other posts on Central have.

Billy Bragg is the one helping to further Morgoths agenda and in turn getting a little publicity for himself. Very nice.
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