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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thewlis, Jul 9, 2019.

By Thewlis on Jul 9, 2019 at 9:18 PM
  1. Thewlis

    Thewlis Junior Member

    Jul 15, 2006
    Very nice tweet from the legendary singer.

    @officialmoz is an artist unlike any other. His voice is something from another age. So honored he performed my song Some Say (I Got Devil) on his new album. I love it and the album is quite special. You should all go listen to the whole thing. #newmusic #morrissey #woodstocklove

    UPDATE July 10:

    Screenshot of tweet added to Morrissey Central:

    Message From Melanie.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thewlis, Jul 9, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Melanie melanoma
      two weeks in a coma
      a girl with a guitar is so bizarre
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    2. Anonymous
      Melanie, like Dylan and Buffy St. Marie, is a white-supremacist baby boomer.
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    4. gordyboy9
      was waiting on her saying combine harvester.good singer/songwriter.
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    5. Anonymous
      I thought Billy Bragg had already retired to take up his post at The Guardian.
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    6. ordinaryboy86
      Anyone who praises Morrissey is cool, any one who bashes him, is a cunt? That how it works? Gotcha’ :thumb:
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    7. ordinaryboy86
      Typical psychophant is godemperormorrissey
      You didn’t even know she existed 25 hours ago you absolute thundercunt. You’ve read one tweet and decided she’s great. What would’ve been your opinion if she said the cover sucks balls?
    8. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      Well, you know, this IS supposed to be a fan forum. Don’t be surprised to see a few FANS still lurking around here, expressing adulation.
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    9. Mr. Jackpots
      Mr. Jackpots
      My girlfriend and I saw her at The Old Town School Of Folk a short time back and she was incredible.

      As far as I can tell, the tweet is nothing more and nothing less than her praise and gratitude for another artist's rendition of her work, followed up with a recommendation to give Morrissey's entire album a chance, because she enjoys it and hopes others will, too.

      That's it. Pretty simple. Pretty clear.

      I can't see how anyone could read that tweet as an endorsement of racism or of an alignment with Morrissey's political views.

      You'd have to be so imponderably stupid to think otherwise that, if you do, you should commit suicide.

      Have a nice day.
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    10. IsNotFunnyAnymore
      Yes, he is from another era definitely!! His mind seems to go backwards!!! :crazy:
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    11. gordyboy9
      good name for the new bond film,THUNDERCUNT coming to a cinema near you soon.
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    12. BitterGrapes
      But if anyone takes her advise and buys the record, they're giving Morrissey more money- thus supporting his political views. That's supporting racism. If an artist has views that you find abhorrent, you shouldn't continue to buy their work because that's telling them that it's acceptable to hold these hateful views and they can still be successful whilst expressing them.
    13. Anonymous
      Melanie is 72 years old. She is being gracious to someone who covered her song. Maybe she is not on social media all day long. Maybe she doesn't know. Give her a break. Quit using such broad strokes to color everything black and white, life isn't like that.
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    14. Anonymous
      I'm not ignoring the nuances, nor am I condemning Melanie.
      The main fact is this: Melanie has promoted the work of an artist who some see as having hateful views. You can't separate the views from artist. In funding the art, you are also funding the views, as I said earlier.
      So, she is promoting his views, inadvertently or otherwise.

      I would say the same thing about Moz posting the Morgoth video. Wouldn't you say that in doing so (even if he only liked the bit that mentioned him or even if he only liked that single video) he's giving Morgoth the means to make worse, more hateful videos? He's making people more aware of Morgoth's content. More support, more money, more content.
    15. Anonymous
      Morrissey is a completely different story than Melanie. Morrissey posted that video content on his own site and he is responsible for its message - even though it was probably posted out of jealousy more than for its content.

      Melanie's message was just thanks and listen to the music. Not thanks and go support this guy who I like because of his dodgy political views. She doesn't say that. I think it's an overreach for you to say that for her.
    16. Anonymous
      Out of curiosity, how much time to do you spend online railing against the fans and admirers of Kanye West? West is a noted white supremacist, who has gone much farther in espousing these views than Morrissey has. Kanye has met and praised Trump (said he has "dragon energy"). Kanye has called for the abolition of the Constitutional Amendment that ended slavery in America, called slaves weak.

      Please post some of your anti-Kanye fan tweets. Also, please find out if that Welsh record store has pulled his music.
    17. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Not true, Morrissey separates the singer from the song.

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    18. ThePoliticalRevolution
      I love Melanie. She is my wife.
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    19. BitterGrapes
      Isn't it an overreach to say that Morrissey is promoting the great replacement theory just because he posted a video by a man who has other videos on that theory? It's the same thing.

      Some people on here thought the Stormzy video was racist and hateful. I didn't agree with that and, though I found nothing wrong with that video, I looked at some of Morgoth's other videos and felt that they were far worse and more hateful. You might not agree with me about the contents of that video, but let's assume you do so I can make my point.
      That's why I equate Morrissey sharing the video with Melanie promoting California Son. Just like I saw nothing particularly incendiary in the video, there's nothing incendiary or controversial in CS. Yet, by Moz sharing that video and getting people like me to watch it- who'd never otherwise know of this Morgoth character- he's giving him more views/money/support. Similarly, by supporting the music, harmless in itself, Melanie is getting people who otherwise might not listen to Moz to buy the record- thus giving him money/support.

      I spend no time bothering with Kanye. I couldn't care less about Kanye and I love Morrissey to bits- the man and the music. Really, I thought this was a convincing argument from the other side and I was hoping to be proven wrong.
    20. Mr. Jackpots
      Mr. Jackpots
      I know that you're probably a very delicate soul so please read this response in a very calm, measured, whispered voice:

      You're a fucking idiot.
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