Melanie mentions Morrissey's love for 'Some Say (I got Devil)'

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Not particularly strange or unexpected, by Melanie mentions Morrissey's love for 'Some Say (I got Devil)'


Not so, however, with her counter-offering Some Say (I Got Devil) from side two of Gather Me, a subversive response to the bubblegum pop hit everyone is familiar with. “That’s Morrissey’s favourite, he did a version of it recently,” Melanie says. I’m not surprised. “Some have tried to sell me / all kinds of things to save me / from hurting like a woman,” she sings with an intoxicating mixture of desire and weariness. Subversive lyrics which go some way towards highlighting Gather Me’s often dark and radical beauty.
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Moz went ahead and put a more majestic contention into
his version of the song.
Melaine kinda did a more inner impression and reflection.
Moz sounds like he's standin' strong inside a storm.

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