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Forever Ill
On Princess Street? I just walked by there yesterday and I didn't even notice...

who can walk by sucha sticky streetposter, and not trying to peel it of[f?]*
as good as it can


"did you pass by, did you pass by, pass by, oohh..."

* kewpie, miss Grim, please correct it, dunno when to write it
without ot with f, and for the 400,573,12 time, I'm born,raised,and still surviving in
my beloved Holland
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Thats a nice quote:eek:
Does anyone know from which Interview it stems from?

There is a post on the Main Board in response to this poster.

According to the author, Len Brown, he claims the quote derives from two separate sources, (meaning two separate quotes?) He actually said the line "sex is on everybody's mind" about characters in Alan Bennett's television plays.

Brown suggested this quote:

"whether you like me or not, I remain an individual...individually nauseating or individually interesting. The key word in my vocabulary is individualism".

Umm, that quote shorten to "whether you like me or not, I remain an individual..." would have been a nice one to use, too, or "The key word in my vocabulary is individualism."

This is a nice campaign. I like the poster idea.
morrissey poster
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