"Meat vs Murder @ Coachella" April 17, 2009 (FLAC!)

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    Apr 26, 2006
    In Bruges
    Tour of Refusal
    17 April 2009
    Indio (CA), Coachella Music Festival

    This Charming Man
    First Of The Gang To Die
    Black Cloud
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
    When Last I Spoke To Carol
    Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
    I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    Seasick, Yet Still Docked
    The Loop
    Sorry Doesn't Help
    Let Me Kiss You
    How Soon Is Now?

    The last date of the first leg of the "Tour of Refusal" finds Mozzer at an outdoor festival gig. Apparently, there were quite a few concessions cooking and selling meat products. The smell must have been over bearing to him as before "Some Girls Are Bigger than Others", Morrissey commented, “I can smell burning flesh, and I hope to God it is human.” Classic Moz! I did not do the original recording so props to the person who did. An audience recording, but a very good sounding concert. Five Smiths songs were performed. A Collector's must! Provided free of charge in its original FLAC format.


    This excerpt from The Guardian:
    "Glass bottles, glowsticks and heckles have all been known to force pop stars off stage. Add to that list the smell of burgers. That's the reason Morrissey gave for leaving the stage during his set at Coachella festival in California on Friday 17 April.

    The singer was performing a set laced with Smiths hits when, midway through his performance, he was overcome with fumes from the backstage barbecue. "I can smell burning flesh ... and I hope to God it's human," he said. This was no mere wisecrack, though. Halfway through playing Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others, Morrissey decided he'd had enough and walked off stage.

    The star did return to finish his set, however, declaring: "The smell of burning animals is making me sick. I just couldn't bear it."

    Along with a selection of solo hits, the crowd were treated to blasts from the past including Ask, Girlfriend In a Coma and How Soon is Now."

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    is Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others audience recording? if not is this a good recording?

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