Morrissey Central "Meat Loaf. RIP." (January 21, 2022)

Morrissey's actual involvement (regardless of the title of the site) is never clear enough as to be certain of anything.
So, I'd offer that it's more likely to be SER (very active yesterday and today on socials - using Central IG to advertise his new poster), seeing his feeds fill up with RIPs, @'s & tags etc that prompt these posts with no actual comments attached / attributed to Morrissey.
That is likely how cover versions and 'montages' get shared too.
“Rock legend Meat Loaf has gone vegan for Veganuary, but says he won't change his name to Veg Loaf. Meat Loaf has vowed to go vegan but says he won't rebrand himself as a plant alternative. ... The singer previously went vegetarian for 11 years but re-adopted an omnivore diet for health reasons.” :lbf:

I think it’s been pretty obvious for a long time that if the post isn’t signed off by Morrissey at the end, SER has posted it.
Michael Lee Aday, aka Meat Loaf, always seemed like a regular nice guy in interviews. I'm sad he has passed away. The whole Covid debate is irrelevant. The world lost a nice man.
I don’t know what age or what health conditions he had, but if you’re elderly and have serious health issues, then you may want to be vaccinated. It doesn’t give you immunity, but can lessen symptoms somewhat for a time.

Then again, it can’t always help ...

‘Israeli study shows 4th shot of COVID-19 vaccine less effective on Omicron’

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