'Meat Is Murder' recreated in Lego

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By the_kaz on Feb 16, 2011 at 11:50 AM
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    Mar 19, 2008
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    From NME's 26 album sleeves recreated in Lego:

    The Smiths, 'Meat Is Murder'. No Lego men were harmed in the making of this photo gallery.
    Photo: Christoph


    thetexasbloke sends the link to the previously mentioned Lego 'You Are The Quarry' in the same feature:

    Morrissey, 'You Are The Quarry'. Who'd have thought a Lego man could look like such a stone cold pimp?
    Photo: Christoph


    Related item: Morrissey - You Are The Lego? (Mozz featured in 20 album covers recreated in LEGO) - July 31, 2008
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by the_kaz, Feb 16, 2011.

    1. Cashews
      If you follow the NME link to the lego pictures, at the bottom of the site you will find some links to other photo galleries. There's one called "A masterclass in rock photography". Picture 10 is of The Smiths & it's a really nice one. :)
    2. celibate
      that's not lego:crazy:

      this is playmobiel [on it's dutch] , so maybe playmobile in english

      lego you have little plastic stones, and other forms, which you can build everything

      The Danish know everything about it, they have build a special park

      figures like the pics above are allready made though you can click a hat on
      and the have a huge diversion of [as lego] boxes in stores, you have little boy stuff,
      little girly things

      [erm, .... yes I'm a Kill Uncle 9 times, me youngest sis got 5 boys, they
      are already in training for beach soccer or inside soccer, 2 sister got 2 girls, well
      oldest is 15 youngest now 6]
      [boys are from 3 to 13]

      huh don't tell me about those kidstuff, costed me some, but with love,
      the one troublemaker boy is, how could it be, I'm his Godfather, Mick;)

      sorry for of-topic, but I guess some here have a room full of this stuff
      [those kids love to throw but not put it again ina basket:lbf:
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    3. CrystalGeezer
      Meat is Murder has the soldier x 4. :squiffy:
    4. Anonymous
      Not necessarily in the UK.
    5. Anonymous
      Like the new site.
      <a href="http://www.sgcny.com/">http://www.sgcny.com/</a>
    6. fastpulseboy
      Uhmmm, is wel lego hoor. Kijk nog maar eens in die speelgoed bak van je hahaha.
      (It is actually lego)
    7. celibate

      Ill give them the stuff, so no toys R Us with me, in a small churchvillage
      between Best and St Oedenrode, theirs it is the litttle house on the prairie
      boys club

      really thought, that lego is buiding stones

      in june Mick's gonna be 8 and doin around that time, may I believe his [ heilige communie, sorry no English translation] so I'll check double
      [ read buy 2 times, the little wants a cellphone, not from me, he can get anything
      if it's for his age and needed, but a 8 year old kid a cellphone, or is that common?,
      asking parents and Uncle's/ Auntie , little sisters/nieces/nephews, you know what
      I'm about]:straightface:

      thank's for a nightmare full of toys, and youth:)
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    8. DAVIE (shhhh)
      DAVIE (shhhh)
      A very lazy way to create art.....borrrringg :p
    9. spend spend spend
      spend spend spend
      this would make a great t-shirt
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