Me singing "Jack The Ripper"


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So beautiful, Fran. It was nice to hear this in a female voice.

Lucky for me, I'll be meeting the star (and asking for an autograph)! ;)
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Fabulous stuff.

(By the way, I honestly haven't forgotten the song. Getting a quiet house for recording is difficult)

Nice Job Fran :thumb:

and nice to chat with you last night

Brilliant as always. :thumb:

Keep them coming. :)

So when's the album coming out...."Franissey does Morrissey" :D
definitely one of my fav. moz songs. great work once more :thumb:
Great work,-very atmospheric.Could you have a stab at When last I Spoke to Carol ? I would love to hear your take on that :guitar:

I love it! You're a goddess. It is right up there with Morrissey's, no lie.

Even my cat liked it :thumb: (looked at me & peeped -talked- tis why I call him Mr. Peepers :p)
Absolutely beautiful, Franissey! This is the first time I have had the pleasure of hearing your majestic voice. So lovely! :) Thank you.
Wow Fran, truly astonishing!
:):):) WOW. :thumb:
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