McCartney blames the Chinese for their 'medieval' wet markets


Vegan Cro Spirit 555

It doesn't matter what he felt. I realize "we can't/don't really know" is like a get out of jail free card whenever he says/does something that anyone questions but it's pretty clear that the comment was not well received. You've been saying that the comment was made to raise awareness and change people's minds. Thank god Morrissey is not a politician and if he would leave politics alone completely he'd be doing himself a huge favor, but your point was that he's trying to make changes. To do that you have to be somewhat diplomatic. You can be totally right but if you alienate everyone to get attention you are a troll.

WTF Fake Cham!!:eek:
you gave to alienate EVERYONE TO BE a TROLL? THATS INSANE, FC!
Skinny doesnt alienate 'surface' or the dumb butcher with his virulent trolling:crazy:
moz doesnt alienate sensible peeps only loons.
FC YOU alienate everbody wanting to A BOMB the planet FFS!!?
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