Martha Wainwright loves Morrissey

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Morrissey`s Lad
I was just browsing through the net in the last few lazy hours before college and came across an old (2006) interview with Martha Wainwright by Tom Robinson on BBC6.

Martha turns out to be a big fan of Moz and Robinson recounts his encounter with the man himself years ago.

Here`s the link to the mp3:

I`m going to see her next month and am really looking forward to it.The Wainwrights :guitar:!
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i have tickets to go see her on next tuesday. now i'm gonna wear a morrissey shirt :D


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I like her brother. I hope he likes Morrissey too.


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I remember reading an interview of Rufus where he states Morrissey as one of his "gay icons", so I think that counts for liking him. ;):p

:clap: yup, he still rules in my eyes. :guitar:


Re: Rufus Wainwright loves Morrissey, too!

Rufus was on Virgin Radio's Razorcuts in 2003, chose The Last of the Famous International Playboys one of his favourite songs.
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