Marr to release Depeche Mode cover 7" with "Please Please Please..." live B-side

For record store day

I Feel You no less

Johnny Marr will release a cover of Depeche Mode’s I Feel You for Record Store Day.

Listen and read more:
Johnny Marr To Release Depeche Mode Cover For Record Store Day -

The single will be packaged up with a live take of the Smiths’ Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want as a numbered 7”. You can check it out below.

Uncleskinny posted the link:
Johnny Marr about the cover to

"[The song] kind of sounded like it suited my band really. I'm guessing we got some of it wrong, in doing it our own way. But that's a good thing I think, when you tackle someone else's song...You have to respect it in the first place to like it."
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MP3. Convenient, modern, easy to obtain for free.

How does the music industry con gullible idiots into going back to the beginning of this sequence in order to relieve them of even more cash?

You just answered your own questions - MP3s are easy to obtain for free, so most people don't bother to pay for them. Great news for tight-arses, but not so good for artists/record companies/record shops.

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